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Thriven-Lite - Rich Daily Conditioner

This is the ultimate daily conditioner to me and thousands of others - If you have tangled, dry or damaged hair, this turn your hair to silk & make your hair a dream to comb out after a shower. Its rich, creamy and half as light as THRIVEN itself.....  8.5 oz.

To Use: Our suggestion is to be sure to shampoo with one of our many daily sulfate-free shampoos, shake the excess moisture out of hair apply and (while finishing other things in shower)........apply THRIVEN-Lite to the hair.............wait a minute or 2 or not, use a "WET" Brush to lightly - easily brush the conditioner into hair if you have longish hair. If not just let it sit!

The longer you leave in....... the better the result. Rinse out, but be sure ( just like with Thriven  .... to rinse 3-5 minutes longer than you normally do with conditioners. It takes longer to rinse Thriven-Lite out so your hair is not weighted down.) Most people never rinse hair long enough its one of those points I am constantly trying to stress to clients, so please try to remember this point. You will have a much better experience and I know you will love Thriven and Thriven-lite if applied and rinsed out correctly.

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