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Shower Cap - Deluxe Terry-lined

A new little trick I found to sleeping with THRIVEN in the hair, for those of you on the 10,000HEADS regimen, and have started sleeping with the product in your hair. . l found some of you have a hard time having 'wet' hair when sleeping, if that is you - - - here is the perfect answer.

Unique over-sized shower cap is lined in soft, absorbent polyester terry cloth to reduce moisture and comfortably fit over thick or long-wet hair or Deep Conditioning treatments. This is the ultimate Shower Cap - -  so multiple uses. I have washed Killerstrands Caps and they come out fine, so they are also sturdy.

Caps come in multiple colors

I use this after hair color, you rinse hair color out thoroughly

( remember - NO SHAMPOO ) just clear rinse, till water runs clear

{ this is oxidative color and will not rub out on sheets or hands }

then apply INTENSIVE for 15 minutes to 15 hours, of course in the Salon it would be 15-30 minutes how ever long we could get client to sit for it. You at home have the luxury of leaving it on around the home for 1-2 hurs with this cap on - it creates heat does not make the crunchy sound so many of them do.