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'SPRUSH' Tint Brush - Hair Color Artists -Rubber

Were back carrying the SPRUSH after many requests, to bring it back. I happen to love a combination of both types of Tint brushes.......these with the plastic head along with the crimped Tint brush to perform the many different coloring procedures in a Salon.

The Sprush does not have bristle brushes, and instead has the solid plastic head in varying sizes. The Green is extra special for re-touching when using our OIL BLEACH KIT, it truly is the only brush that prevents Overlapping, by being so small you can just dip it in the lightener and then dip it on the re-growth, preventing any lengthy brush from causing overlapping.

Here are the top 11 reasons these brushes prevail over bristle brushes:

10 reasons why the Sprush is better !

 1. Allows for total control of the product, reducing application time by as much as one-half.

2. No residual color or chemicals after cleaning to affect next application as with a bristle brush.

3. Smoothness of applicator tip prevents scratching around hairline and scalp as with a standard tint brush.

4. Less back and forth motion and overlapping of product on already processed hair.

5. Better smoothing without damage to the cuticle. 

6. Slimness of applicator tip allows product to be placed closer to scalp without actually touching the scalp.

7. Great for sensitive scalps.

8. The Sprush can be wiped clean at station, with no rinsing necessary.

9. No loose bristles to fall out as with a standard tint brush.

10. Various sizes for different applications