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REF Reference - Stockholm Sweden - Hair Care - Color Treated Hair

They are a Non-Diverted Professional Hair care Color and Retail Product. Sulfate Free and Aloe Vera based, we care about hair health and healing! Hair care and styling should be easy. Finding the right product for your hair should be even easier. The solution is REF – the Swedish salon formula product line with three numbers. A small but yet complete hair care and hair styling line for professionals.

What it is:
Sulfate free shampoo with botanical extracts specially chosen to protect, strengthen and hydrate hair. Results create a smoother, more manageable nutrient dense color safe shine. Antioxidant and vitamin rich formula penetrates the hair and delivers long lasting moisture and reduced flyaways.

Conditioner with botanical extracts specially chosen to protect, strengthen, nourish and detangle.Infuses brilliant and illuminating weightless shine to both natural and colour treated hair. Adds reflective and enhanced colour shine and manageability.

Illuminate Colour - Based on organic Acai oil and Linseed oil. These nourishing oils are used as a remedy to add a smoothing effect and repair the hair. The illuminating oil is rich in omega 3, omega 6, and a wide range of vitamins. Such as vitamin B1, B2, B3 and vitamin C + D. The benefits of these key ingredients offer a perfect mixture of extra shine and colour lustre