" CONSULTATION'S with KC - Via Phone"- TWENTY - THREE w/ K. C. - 23 minutes with KC on yYour Own Personal

For Twenty-three with KC -

23 minutes with KC on the phone - she will help you with your formula, thinning hair solutions, tricks of the trade, whatever you want to talk about or pick her brain for.

She needs the answers to the Killer 18 questions ( which are on the first page of the Blog currently using the Level Chart (below) that is right here for reference  and also a few photos of your hair so she can really help in that time frame.

CONSULTATION to SOLVE YOUR HAIR COLOR QUESTION...... as soon as all your info & photo's are emailed to KC , the result is done with an email ( or phone call if necessary) !

#1.) GET  YOUR  INFORMATION  READY  because once your order is placed, we want you to enter in the box if all the info is there ..........she wants them to go faster....She is trying this method for a while. Your information must be ready before purchasing so when she has an opening during the day and one of these comes in with all info and all photos - she will be able to answer it ! We only guarantee hair color that comes directly from us and that is all we recommend. There is soooooo much counterfeit hair color out there, its ridiculous.

So Lets see if this way works....if it doesn't I will look for another way, until we solve this !  I have pulled back on the more extensive Consultations because it was taking to long for me to complete them and I felt bad about that!

What happens is I get all ready to help a person and they have not done "their part". You have to do YOUR PART, I cannot see your hair , so if you cannot explain it in a solid explanation using the LEVEL System of coloring  I am ill and am not the picture of health that one should be for representing a hair company.

Remember the better the photos of your hair, and the more info YOU GIVE ME......the better your result will be and beyond all else be HONEST with yourself and with me.It has amazed me that over the many years doing clients, DAILY I would have people sit in my chair and make-up a white lie about their hair....not thinking I know. WE KNOW...WE KNOW ! ! ! !

There is no room for that in our new Militia !    I have been doing these a very long time & it takes a special art to come up with hair color formula's all day long with just the words and no person to touch and feel their hair. What a luxury I had before - so all you Hair Stylists who follow me, learn from me, use my training on your clients - the one thing I ask, is to please either point your client toward our site OR.........I wanted to start them January but now is better than none at all. If you choose this method with us we ask you purchase the supplies you need from us, otherwise all bets are off. I have never seen & heard of so much corrupt hair color as in the past year !

IF for some reason I decide you need to wait to do your color......This Consultation is Good for 90 days after purchase

Here are the Rules:

    1. Gather all of your answers to the Killer 18 Questions, COMPLETE , before you purchase this Consult...pretty simple:
        1. Name:
        1. Where Do you Live?
        1. Do You Have Previous Hair Color On your hair presently ?  If So.....What Level & Tone?   How Old is it?   What Type?
        1. Length of Hair?
        1. Hair Texture?
        1. What Is Your Ethnicity?
        1. Has Hair Been bleached in the last 3-4 years? All Over? or just Highlights?
        1. Porosity? How is the damage?
        1. Do you have Boxed Hair Color on Hair in the past 4-5 years? How Many approx? Level?
        1. Have You Used Chemical Straightener ( like Brazilian, Japanese or any of those types on last 5 years  ?
        1. What is your % of Gray ?
        1. What Type of Color is on most recently? Professional, Sallys, Boxed?
        1. What is Your DURP?.............Dominant Underlying Remaining pigment?....Brass, Blorange, Gold, Orange, Red
        1. Is your hair Resistant?.................. Doesn't take Color Well ?
        1. What is your VIRGIN hair color ? Level & Tone?  ( color with nothing on it.....straight out of your head.............Use the chart below............
        1. What is Your Current Color?............. Level & Tone?
        1. What is your 'future' DESIRED COLOR ?.......after you have followed KC's Plan for you ?
      1. What is bothering you about your current hair color and what do you hope KC can help you with after the Consult is Complete ???
    2. These answers need to be complete BEFORE the Consultation is purchased, as well as the photos... There needs to be 3-5 photos :
    1. Photos: PROFILE of HAIR, Back OF HAIR, ROOTS & etc.............please do not worry about these photos and what happens to them ..... I care nothing about the face, simply the hair.  I look at peoples hair everyday all day and night and the last thing I do is "judge" someone so please-please do not worry about that type of thing
  1. I need Photos to do my Consultations. If I can't see your hair I cannot give you a perfect formula....isn't that what you want? Otherwise just send photos from your camera/ phone.
  2.  I prefer NO SELFIES, but if you have no other choice I hope you have one of those selfie-bars ( that holds the camera really far away !).
  3. Please use "Natural Light" (the "SUN")
  4. I prefer a WHITE background, which can just be a white wall or garage door, or stucco wall to a  house!...I just want to see your hair color'

We're trying something different to see if this works better to help people come up with their Hair Color Formula.

We closed the group because people would not get their info in and I would get very discouraged. I have limited time to do these as well and to have the candidate not do their end, certainly was frustrating....therefore we are going to try this for a little while to see how it goes .

It will be quicker for both of us.

This is ME helping YOU, come up with your hair color formula/Plan to achieve a New 'DO.....as quickly as possible.


Therefore we are going to offer the same concept to everyone. . . . . . .BUT.......and this is the BIG "BUT",





Killer 18 Questions


BEFORE ........ you......even........purchase.......this !

email them to the Store : Killerstrands.info@gmail.com 


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