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Professional Bleaches / Lighteners

Bleach or Lightener as we call it can be a wonderful tool it is the only tool for many situations. Please remember this: lighteners or bleaches are not used to remove old hair color, Vanish color remover is the one and only qUALITY Color remover I have found. Lighteners are used to LIGHTEN the hair. 2 completely different processes, remember!

I just want everyone to read the Posts I have on using cream, oil and powder lighteners on the Blog.

Also, you MUST always read the company's directions that come with each brand, that I bring in, as all are different and there are some completely new technology (as in the new Gel lighteners. . . Gel so the lightener is see-thru-so u can prevent any damage by checking on it without having to wipe it off and then re-apply it.)

First we will start with the Cream Bleaches

The absolute Best most wonderfully made is "KAARAL'S " it is the most rich, creamy, most wonderful consistency..ever ! It is such an incredibly rich moisture-packed lightener, you know your hair will be cared for better than anywhere....anyone can go - you'll see ! It is Pricey, but in my head worth every penny.

Cream lightener is also referred to as Cream bleach.....but remember : You DO NOT USE VANISH, this is the only product that lightens hair that has been colored. Using Cream lightener conditions the hair while it lightens by inserting oils (LIPIDS) and conditioners that are in its formula - - into the hair strand through the cuticle. The KAARAL Cream Lightener comes in a great little and is the worlds BEST CREAM lightener, in my opinion - imparting the most wonderful oils and conditioners into the hair, while at the same time lightening hair 6- 7 levels. I have never seen a cream lightener of this quality and texture anywhere on planet earth. If you want the BEST, this is it!

All of these Cream Bleaches do the same thing, all are wonderful