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Plastic Professional Processing/Treatment Caps

  • works for all sizes and hair lengths – these accommodate long or thick hair as well as normal/short
  • Durable, tight fitting, this is the hard-to-find EXTRA-LARGE plastic cap that fits all sizes
  • Elastic band ensures comfortable fit
  • Perfect fit eliminates drips, runs and stains
  • These are handy for so many things, its worth it just to have them on-hand

Salon Care Professional Processing Caps secures chemicals and hair while being processed. Works with GLEAM overnight treatments, THRIVEN overnight treatments, any conditioning treatments

Works perfectly for all high-lift blonding applications. Even just touching up your roots you should apply a plastic treatment cap, the warmth from the body is exactly what I order as far as heat applied. YOUR OWN. I don’t believe in applying heat with hair color, it is not made to be used with artificial heat, although it also is not made to be used in cold temperatures, here in southern California that is never an issue, but the rest of the country pretty much – - it ‘is’. Always apply hair color in a warmed up room, at least 75 degrees, use these caps in the winter with all hair color applications for the 2/3 of USA that would require it.

30 LARGE Plastic Caps: 1 Size Fits All