'Pearlessence PASTEL Hair Color' - IGORA ROYAL by SCHWARTZKOPF

They have added 15 new shades - everything this year is following my predispositions white bright hair and then pastels on top. The pastels are for fun as they can be added and shampooed out without any damage to the hair. Its just fun and fashionable and I love them.


The Level 11's Lift and deposit their color while the others deposit the tone they are.....the Level 11 colors should be used with either 30 Volume or 40 Volume depending on how much lift you need you can text the store a question about that if you don't understand that. We are going to give asking questions about "purchases" a try ....using the store's TEXTING number. We want to see if that works or not, you may text KC question about purchases regarding hair color purchases exclusively. 

For the Level 9 Colors you would use either:

  • 6Volume
  • 10Volume
  • 13Volume

1.805.910.8274...............Texting #.........regarding Killerstrands Store PURCHASE questions to KC, we are giving this idea a try....

 To Keep these colors refreshed we have the perfect compliment . . . .that would be both BOOST & BURST......... or our new line of Killerstrands Semi-Permanent Paints called HINTS in every pastel on this page and more ! 


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