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No Stain / Block-Out Kit

The size of professional stain remover bottles is really kind of funny for someone like YOU! Why? They are made for a busy Stylist who uses it on 20 clients a day 5 days a week... It would take you 5 years to use 1 bottle which of course is ridiculous. 

Therefore we have made some junior size kits in 2oz. jars (which will last a year minimum) we have put the 'NO STAIN' stain remover that KC likes for cleaning off hair color 'AFTER'-the-fact...but even better is the other jar which is a product called BLOCK OUT. Block out is a creamy emulsion that is made to 'prevent hair color stains in the first place. So what we encourage you to do is to use the Block-Out cream around the hair line first, follow the hairline all the way around the head of hair.... till you have completed the entire skull's hairline. 

Now, you apply the hair color. trying to keep the color off the skin, but that is not always possible, which is fine because you can now rub the Block out cream iNTO the skin where you got haircolor -  in circular motions. To do that makes for a very nice blended hair line that looks natural.

This also works great for coloring sideburns and facial hair.Masking off the hair you want to tint and not touching the 'skin' with the color is the key.