" BLAST " - Metallic Hair Conditioner (MICA) - Luminescent Shimmer

I'm trying to make it easier on my labeler's and mainly YOU, we are trying to name BLAST's colors which many of them are the same as BURST only these are metallic, so we are re-naming the ones that can be named the same colors as BURST - and giving them the same names. For example we have Carbon Beach Beige in both BURST & BLAST...one has pigment and the other is made with MICA  only these are now made with quadruple the amount of MICA we are using ..........so these are now jam packed with SHINE and SPARKLE.....as of FEB 5 the formula's are this new SUPER SHINE & SPARKLE and these are really gorge!

A striking addition to our 2 yr. old line of Color conditioners : BURST, the difference? MICA. Metallic powder imparting endless shine which creates the sought after 'metallic' look and refresh. MICA is the staple of BLAST. I'm sure every one of you has used mica make-up of one sort or another. Its a complex system making MICA and it is not made in the Uinited States which I had not realized before embarking on this adventure      it comes from the other side of the world.. 


Blast - metallic color hair conditioner, MICA luminescent hair conditioners

We are starting with a 12 color line-up that duplicates the top sellers to see how everyone likes them. BLAST works exactly the same as BURST, so any questions you have , are the same answers with BURST - it is the exact same concept. The longer you leave it on, the more brilliant the color, the more frequently you apply it the brighter/darker it will be, but the intensity is different on every single person.... so always run a strand test first you may request 5 free foils with any new product

For the ultimate results, I always recommend 1 Malibu packet prior to coloring of ANY kind really. The Color Prep or Malibu C packets are best.  I would purchase the Metal cap and hair dryer ( which really works wonderfully for a travel "HOOD" hair dryer). .Every single person's hair takes color differently and THAT is A FACT !

Same thing applies when ready to change colors or looks - just begin using regular ole shampoo and it will come completely out.

One thing you will want to watch is the floor of the shower, but do like I do keep a plastic pitcher in the shower, throw a little liquid soap in the pitcher..........fill with warm/hot water. After rinsing hair, pour pitcher around floor to clean.

The goal with BLAST is to have a way of "keeping-up" metallic looking hair, which is 'on fleek' currently. Silver micro glitter does not like water...........so I had been looking for a Plan B for a while now.  Of course keep your Reviews and opinions rolling in - the more I know the smarter I can become and the better our products can be for you! What I will say is, if you have only tried BOOST and neither of the others then you are missing out     

NOW...as with all hair products, every hair type needs different products.  BOOST, BURST & now BLAST & BLASTED have been proven to work successfully on 80-85% of all who have tried them. . . But because of all the differences in hair types there is always a percentage of people all hair products will not work on. So, just know that before purchasing because the only item we will not refund is hair color ( which is for legal & sanitary reasons). What I will say is, if you have only tried BOOST and neither of the others then you are missing out BURST/BLAST or BLASTED should be the product you try.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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