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Mens Hair Color


We are (finally) adding a Men's hair color page, with various products I feel would benefit you that are not out there on mass market.

The Level System is how we calculate proper hair color formula's, so to make it easy, our 1st Option is using a one color system that has the most natural looking result when finished. Wella's Illumina holds that distinct honor . the color is professional, easy to work with and in your Kit you receive everything you need, but your hair!

Illumina Kits will cover Gray and also leave variations in tones to give your hair that look of being natural. Did you know for the last 50 years every single celebrity that is on TV or film gets their hair colored, EVEN IF THEY HAVE ZERO GRAY, and they color it, the exact same color it is already!  WHY go through that if you don't have to? : VANITY & film making ! That's why - -  if you have never used Professional hair color on your own VIRGIN hair, you will be in for a big surprise. {BTW ''professional hair color'' is NOT 1 thing you can purchase at Sally's) Or ANY beauty Supply you walk into, there is a category of hair color that is made for the Pro's........You have to be licensed to purchase it from the company from which it came.

There is no category with more counterfeit merchandise than that of the hair care & color industry Every single week I receive emails from customers/readers that purchased what I suggested on Amazon or EBAY and the ending result was atrocious. That means they purchased counterfeit hair color -- the reason I am 100% solid on this , is because about 9 years ago my Father brought me back photos of a small company next to one of his many in Tijuana Mexico, and their trash bins. The bins were filled with fake Paul Mitchell and Sebastian products 100% complete counterfeit products and God only knows what they put inside those tubes and bottles. It gives me the shivers to think about it So if we just saw those 2 lines can you imagine what else is behind the Big Wall of bullshit products ?!?!?!?

Professional hair color is loaded with nutrients - vitamins , and oils so that when the hair cuticle is opened and the hair color molecules go INSIDE of every hair strand on your head.............SO....DO....THOSE....Oils/Vitamins,etc.. -- one is for those of you who want to color your hair the color it is.... that have very little gray or none ( you just need one color - the color/level of your hair.

I'm gonna try to make this easy for you.....The only way to get natural looking hair color is to use professional color and to apply it with a tint brush and bowl....YOU CAN DO IT! but I grew up with 2 brothers and 'men' are one of my favorite past times. If you simply think using a tint brush and bowl are not practical for you we also have the bottles for sale, but professional color is very rich and it needs to be smashed while stirred for the proper affect.

#1 : Tint Bowl ( plastic) or a bottle if you insisit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (which is how top colorists formulate hair color - so the color looks natural and not like shoe polish) . If you are using "just for Men" or any of those (horrible) boxed hair color kits, you are going to need to get that out of your hair - 1st. Why? Because you cannot just put good hair color on top of lousy hair color and expect  add certain "numbers" to your orderct it to improve. It just doesn't work like that - the crappy color must either be 'cut' out (if you have short hair, it would be easy -- just have the old color cut off as it grows out OR you can use the 2 part hair color remover process which is what I have the women do, which I'm thinking many of you are not going to want to go to the hassle of. Maybe I'm wrong....I need to hear from you, please text the business and I will be looped in and I will change these directions for you.


Now, to get natural looking hair color that will cover the gray ( you need Permanent Hair color Kits), OR even better if you have any hair thinning areas the very best way of making it look thicker and more dense is by using the Kits  that I have put together for you.                  

1st .... I recommend Tint brushes to apply hair color because the Pressure from the tint brush when applying does matter, but if you have a short mens hair cut, at that doesn't really need it as much.... so I am making some great bottles for application, available for you. They have an adjustable applicator tip which makes it super easy to apply for you.


We are (finally) adding a Men's hair color page, with various products I feel would benefit you that are not out there on mass market. First up -- PLEASE . . .  stop purchasing Hair color from Amazon , EBay, or any shady outfit. They all have somehow either purchased 10 year old expired Wella's TOP color line, or they have a deal with one OF the many Mexican factories that knock OFF all the best professional hair color that you cannot purchase because you must have a Standard Cosmetology Board License to even get in the door of the proper distributors. 

  I need you to do some reading, I made all the girls do it , now its your turn. From all the men I have l have known -- I think you will really enjoy the reading...because you care just as much (if not 'more') about what is the proper way to care and color for you hair - which is what the BLOG is completely about . It goes back 9 years ! ! !  but its easily readable in 1-2 days. The education you can use for the rest of your life, and there are many tricks that are completely effective on keeping those strands of hair of yours. . . ON. . . your head and not shedding off ! If you are anything like the women you will be extremely pleased ...also... In order to begin teaching you how to care for your hair - in the top level have to learn the basics of the LEVEL SYSTEM, which I promise is easier than it sounds!  

You must know the Virgin Level of your hair color_________________do you?

You must know the Level & Tone you would like your hair when the hair color procedure is finished________________

Percentage of Silver you have_____________________

When we have the answers to those questions you can have the top line of hair color (Illumina )sent to you, Included in the Kit is:

  • 1 pair of gloves +
  • 1 plastic meas. Cup
  • 1 tube of Wella Illumina Hair Color + the
  • appropriate amount of Developer
  • I will also send a small card with 'her' Directions which will be different most likely than others you have followed. They will be brief and simple.
  • This & the Blog needs to have all directions ... I have found out through all my time doing this that it is a lot harder for these concepts to be taught via the web, than it used to be " in-person" .

So we need the thorough education I promise you, which I am truly sorry for but I feel -- you must have a DIRECTIONS handbook to go back to..... if you need to look something up.... So this part is very necessary. I have been teaching " how to become a CLEVER CRIB COLORIST !"  for over 9 years and I finally have it down, its hard when you do not have the actual head of hair in your hands -- to feel !! and the person's energy + actual VISUAL of the person and their hair I have found is also Invaluable.  So jumping those hoops took a while but I have it down now, just in time for you boys ! just kiddin!

The Level system if I am figuring out your color is super easy if its you calculating it, well its a bit harder and it will take me a while to educate them on all the points. So we will just see how it goes and "adjust' if we need to !

I will tell you the color to purchase once you answer the 6 questions + Bonus one !  The women have to answer 18 questions, unless your hair is bra-strap length we don't need that many questions which is a whole helluva a lot easier, you can answer the 6 QUESTIONS in the NOTES section of checking out ( plenty of room, but only answer them in 8 words or less -- Please !)

Regarding the Levels and so you can start thinking about this.... I have made a Level chart Level 1 is Black (most common color of hair is the world) ...Level 12 is Platinum (think Gwen Stefani/Marilyn Monroe) so you can just imagine all the levels in between !

I want to educate you on the proper way to care & color for your hair -- as for your hair, sometimes I think a small kit of the best hair color on the market is the answer for you.. This color will be the best color you have ever used, it just is, promise! What you have to do to create a "NATURAL" & FILLING and 'awesome head of hair is do a little reading to educate yourself like the thousands of women have done over the past 9 years on the BLOG which goes together with this Beginning now I will start writing specifically to you, men have always been my specialty, both at work and play. It is the one thing I really miss.

The products I have chosen for you on this page - - will make your life and hair coloring easier and for sure more natural and thicker looking.......... this is the trick every single male actor or model uses in Hollywood {that makes a good living at it} does.I used to color many of their hair, so I have the tricks you need to hop on this train.

15 years ago it was brand new in Malibu, I will never forget a professional surfer, after finally getting up the nerve to ask me for blond 'NATURAL" looking streaks (he called them) on the top of his hair, because it was winter and his hair went dark again and he was getting tired of the 2 toned look throughout his year............he finally got so comfortable with me & the process he decided to go get McDonald's burger (5 miles away) with the lightener & foils on his head - - -  ran out of the Salon with his Cape on his chest -- surf trunks on the bottom and FOILS IN HIS HAIR . . . drove there and came back 30 minutes later ! ! !

That was a moment I finally felt like Hair color for men would soon become normal and no more hiding it - -  I mean 'who cares' I admire a man who takes care of his looks - Damn girls are supposed to Diet, work-out, tan, slather ourselves w/ paint (make-up), color our hair and a zillion .other things, its simply not FAIR !! Its taken 16 years for me to finally put this on paper (or screen anyway!! Welcome to the Professional Hair color world for MEN !

' I Gotcha ! That's all I'm going to say....I will now start providing you with the same education & supplies as I do your female counterparts, I should done this for you but most of our customers are from anywhere BUT I figured they probably aren't ready yet to come out from hiding their coloring yet !  I also was worried about the fact that there is only 1 "ME" .....and "me" gets slammed with questions 24.....7.....365, because its the nature of the BEAST ! The INTERNET BEAST in case you missed my message ! !  I have the longest running Hair Blog on the web, its very hard to answer all of the questions which come in from 4 social media accounts, the Blog , and this store. When I'm behind everyone hates me -- they write such mean things, I can barely stand it. Frustrating because most answers are in Blog. The Blo is run by GOOGLE so it works super well just put your name

I encourage every single one of you to read the whole Blog, hair color transfer qually to the male's head of hair as it does the females


I am putting together a Kit so you don't have to pick out the colors - all you have to do is pick out the level of color your natural hair is  and the color of hair you want to end up with. (Level means the lightness or darkness of your color)............. there is a LEVEL Chart in the images to the left - if your hair is not colored and you want to "cut-to-the-chase" and just purchase a Kit right now without all this other info.......Simply pick the Level color of your hair from the chart to the left... and then choose either the Demi-Permanent Kit - for those who have very little gray OR want to color to simply make hair look thicker. Choose the Permanent Color Kit if you want to cover your "more than a little "gray" and/or your trying to get the longest lasting color there is. Make sense?

If you only have a very little old color on your hair, there is a MALIBU packet (CPR Color Pigment Reducer) - the quickest/easiest way to remove the old color to have a clean even base to then Re-Color with one of these Kits.If you have a lot ,k you should use VANISH - Hair Color Remover. I know I expensive, but it truly reverses the way the hair color molecule got inside your strands of hair, and makes it come out of those strands by shrinking it very small is a technology not one other company owns.Its one of those European patents no one has cracked yet. .......But, to remove old color-- can be done by simply cutting your hair 1 inch every month for 10-12 months and then you will "CUT- IT" off!
But, I do understand if you don't want to go through that so I have given you opens of tools to use to remove the color you have on your hair.


Please remember Wella comes 1 full level darker than other lines. So if you are wanting a level 7 you should buy a level 8 and so on.