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Malibu 2000 - Malibu C Miracle Repair

What It Is:

A powerful vitamin-enriched protein reconstructor specifically formulated for dry, brittle, damaged (oxidized), or tangled hair that needs immediate repair.

What It Does:

Penetrates the hair shaft to fill in the “gaps” where proteins are damaged. Like tiny magnets, the protein particles are drawn exactly to the areas of the hair that need protein. And unlike other conditioners, it does not simply coat the hair but rather reinforces the inner structure of hair for immediate strength, volume, manageability, moisture balance and shine. Hair will look and feel stronger, more resilient with easy comb-through.

Features & Benefits:

  • Immediately repairs damaged hair
  • Vitamin-enriched formula infuses vital moisture to hair
  • Plant proteins penetrate rebuild inner structure of hair
  • Hair feels stronger immediately
  • Instantly detangles to improve comb-ability
  • Increases volume and shine
  • Packaged for easy single application
  • Travel-friendly

Who Needs It:

Anyone exposing their hair to hard water, soft water, pools, spas, salon chemicals, or styling implements (blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc.). Especially beneficial for anyone who struggles to comb through wet hair or hair that easily tangles. Beneficial for all hair types and hair textures.

How You Use It:

The eco-friendly, travel-friendly single-use packet can be easily applied in the shower or bath after shampooing hair. For best results, use once a week or as often as desired. Miracle Repair is also the second step processed under heat in the famous Malibu Make-Over service - you may now do yourself in the privacy of your own home.

Process after a chemical service and without heat when used in conjunction with coloring, highlighting, perming, relaxing or straightening hair. Purchasing our little portable Drying system ... that works with your portable hair dryer, quite the ingenious little product !

Use in tandem with any of the Malibu 2000 products . . . would be that extra bit of power normally only received in the Salon environment.