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*MAGMA* - Pigmented Lighteners / Lighten + Tone by Blonder of Wella

Pigmented Lighteners! - A new Term, a new product........get used to it because I think these are going to change the coloring stakes!

Magma has been around many years. We have had about -10 colors to choose from which isn't very many but something new is on the horizon and it is not only is ground-breaking. These are basically a powdered lightener that both lightens and Tones in one step. I will be running from strand tests to give you some visuals but when you lighten and tone many times the Toning is difficult to see on computer monitors, but I'm gonna give it my best ! The original MAGMA formula has been reformulated , these are all inter-mixable and there a total of 16 NEW and Awesome Colors. Including Clear and Limonella ( yellow) which makes the mixing results........basically endless.

To use these correctly if your plan is to use the 'balayage' technique(i never thought that word would be on my Website ! ! ha ha ;).......then you must use the FREELIGHTS developers. They come in 20 - 30 & 40 Volume. If your plan is to use foils,or wraps or papers, then you would need to use the Koleston Perfect developer. I truly feel with this product you are best to stick the developers they recommend. So you even may use 6, 10 and 13 Volume from the Color Touch Line which is something you were not allowed to do before.

 There are a couple colors they have in Europe we don't have yet....If its something you want....pray to the hair Gods above...

What Magma actually does is that thing I tell you is not possible.... it Lightens(LIFTS) old - dark hair color and makes it lighter and then on top of that.....IT TONES IT. ....and I'm not talking a little hint of color - what I am talking about is it truly tones the living Hell out of your hair after it has lightened it ( WITHOUT TAKING THE OLD COLOR OUT FIRST). What it is - in layman terms is..........a color-tinted bleach. So that is why it will lighten old hair color.....what product is the only product that will lighten your old crappy dark hair color? Bleach. But, when you try that maneuver  - -  9 times out of 10 it does not come out a nice color which is why I have everyone Vanishing their hair first and starting over. MAGMA is being re-formulated and we are now going to be able to mix them all together and make Pinks & Coppers! ! Coming soon!!!

But with MAGMA can you run a couple strand Tests on the hair you want lightened to see their are 4 colors I love because they lighten and they deposit "beige" you no longer have that brassy look - Its amazing. It works very well on ethnic hair, all dark hair, pre-colored hair and is worth the "price of admission" it really is.

................and the absolute most exciting factor that in JULY - WELLA will be introducing brand new colors that create pastels...they are all inter-mixable...and we are going to be able to lighten and tone in these colors of blonde's:

  • - CORAL
  • - ROSE
  • - BLUES

...............the front Diamond piece is following formula:

/17 ( 20 Grams) + /65 ( 2 Grams ) + /C ( 25 Grams) ( White Powder).......+ 30Volume Freelights