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INTENSIVE - (porosity + pH products)

Intensive is probably Killerstrands most versatile product. Why? It can be used as:

  • Porosity equalizer
  • color refresher
  • hair conditioner ( nothing better for tangled hair)
  • deep conditioner
  • Post Bleach/Color wonder - not only calms hair down from the most radical hair treatments- removes any traces of chemicals from hair
  • Pre & Post Toner Application - preps hair after lightening for a perfectly EVEN toning job
  • should be applied after all oil bleach applications for completely healthy hair when complete

this version has even more wonderful ingredients.... wait till you try it! This version runs circles around the second.

If you color your hair this product is mandatory. ................If you have curls or Frizzies....this is your product.

In-TENSIVE(2) is a replacement for In-Tensive, that was discontinued by WELLA. I've spent 4 months searching and calling and digging through many companies....I had many of you tell me you knew I would find a new the pressure was really on me to find a replacement. I experimented with 13 different companies......Until I found this combination,from Germany & Italy.......I combined 2 different products that makes this one , as in the 25 or so that we worked with and tested I could not find the proper consistency.  They were alI too water-y.................I could not find 1 that I felt was competent. What we have now is even better than its predecessor.

We are thrilled to bring you a new version and/ better version of our famously wonderful and completely necessary product if one colors their hair. IN-TENSIVE is Killer Strands new product to replace IN-DEPTH for a post-coloring............ pH re-balancing treatment. It also doubles as a great hair conditioner that is light enough not to build up on your strands.

Blended with natural herbs to gently bring hair and scalp back to its natural acid balance after shampoo,tinting, lightening, and before and after toning. A light herbal scent removes all traces of residual chemical odors. Leaves hair conditioned and stabilizes color, smooths out the flyaway's and frizzies.


  • Shampoo, towel-dry hair. 
  • Apply evenly from scalp to ends. 
  • Leave on 2-30 minutes depending on what you are using it for ( coloring my hair at home - - there are times I will leave it on overnight - LOVE the results). Many different herbal extracts go into the making of this product, Nettle extract is the most healing natural extract there is on the planet for hair, that is one of the top ingredients in IN-TENSIVE…among many others. 


  • After hair color is rinsed out, apply to hair for 10 - 60 minutes ( the longer time is for after bleach or if hair is more damaged) Intensive returns hair back to its balanced pH state which is so important after altering the pH ...with almost every Color application that uses developer.... for healthy hair, locking in color and producing shine...returning hair to its normal state.
  • Its funny, in all my years of Salon work, Photo Shoots, Celebrity color etc.. I never saw one other hair stylist perform this step (their claim? It takes too long....) . I truly feel ( as silly and as simple as it is) this one step was one of my best secrets. It locks in the hair color like nobody's business, it adds shine, and the best advantage of all ? ? It returns the pH balance of the hair to normal by getting every bit of color out of the hair, what does that do - -  you say? ? ? prevents damage and dryness. If you do nothing else - take to doing this this step immediately after ANY color service - It locks in the color molecules which makes the vivid color last a much longer time
  • This is the one single procedure that I have never seen one Colorist do in any Salon or School I have ever been in. But it got me a jam packed color clientele in under 6 months. THAT is remarkably.... if not freakishly rare.   It will extend your color......                            

 DIKSON - CREAM.ACTIVE Conditioner - 8OZ.

Very effective conditioner by the Italian company DIKSON whom I have used for their high.lifts ( they have a Level 13 series which works well on fine hair I find). So this  a daily conditioner Conditioner and pH balancer that you would use after is so damn hard to find a decent daily conditioner, well this one is the BOMB! - - - - its 8OZ. and you are to leave on hair as long as possible, that's what conditioners do - the longer yo9u leaqve them on the better BUT everyone just doesn't always have the time! ! !.

Stamiker Newgen Deep Treatment Vials

There are  6 -- 10 ml vials.........but we are going to sell the vials individually so you can try them.

Each Vial is $8.99 or the box of 6 vials is $43.95

This product is from Canada and is the newest thing in hair loss help, it has actual stem cells in the formula. The Rep raved about it and said all of her clients are having fantastic results....quickly so at least you can try it inexpensively by purchasing a couple vials instead of the whole box.
Intensive regenerating treatment with plant stem cells, Sweet white lupin and keratin for treated, coloured or Damaged hair.

Energising treatment for hair loss prevention. Stamiker Newgen Deep Treatment, an intensive regenerating treatment for weakened, damaged, treated and coloured hair. The combination of targeted active ingredients (plant stem cells, Keratin and sweet white lupin extract) acts on the hair and scalp for total regeneration and complete reconstruction: the hair and scalp are left hydrated and nourished, the lipid balance is regulated, the roots are strengthened and are left full of vitality, the hair fibres are nourished, with a more compact structure which is full of body, and the energising action contributes to the prevention of hair loss.
The hair appears to rediscover its original strength, enriched deep down, softer, smoother and full of shine.
Soft to the touch with visibly more body.

DIKSON - Protex  - Sprayed lightly through the hair before, during and after any chemical service, Extra Protex balances porosity for even processing and results. Extra Protex is also an ideal leave-in conditioner providing thermal and UV protection and static control/ Silk Amino Acids (& Sunscreen)

Will equalize hair before chemical services (great before using Boost/Burst /Elumen/Crazy Colors). spray in towel dried hair and leave in!  DO NOT RINSE!
Aloxxi Color Prime Pre Color Treatment - Gentle all in one herbal cleanser. Scalp desensitizer and porosity equalizer. Provides even results and long lasting color.

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