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K.C.'s - Pre-pigmentation Formulation - for 'Filling the Hair'

Filling the hair means: You have very very light hair Blond ....a'la "Gwen Stefani Style"......and want to go brown a'la . ..  something like this:

Color fillers have a very specific purpose one which only dye the 'underneath portion' and is not meant to be the final color. You will want another more appropriate formula for that.  and u need the correct dyes that can fulfill the purpose. The purpose of Color Fillers (which this is) is to replace missing underlying  warmth  and compensate for the very bleached-out and overly porous hair u currently have.. A Color filler replaces missing underlying pigment, providing the substructure for the tint which is then applied over it.

In other words to go from platinum to light MUST "fill the hair" with a formula first {which I have put together for you}

  • Mix as stated on paper with enclosed Developer.
  • Apply to entire head of hair and comb throw until Even
  • Let it process for 30 minutes,
  • Mix a 1/2 Cup water to emulsify for 5 min.into lathery soapy mess
  • Then....Rinse for 2-4 minutes till the water runs clear.
  • Apply Killerstrands' INTENSIVE for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse 2-5 min.
  • Apply your Brown/Red darker Formula ( hopefully from KC)

Rinse / Towel dry and lightly blo-dry on warm with a thermal protectant

For example : a medium brown tint person is very over porous and visibly lighter on her lengths.  A light red filler, thinly applied to the over-porous end before coloring, will help ensure an even and durable hair color result. Without that base of appropriate warmth, the brown hair coloring, would tend to take unevenly and fade quickly. . . . something "filling" the hair always helps when going from light to darker.

A Color Filler provides the necessary base pigmentation to support and maintain Tint, making , 'even' color deposit possible and averting fadage on overporous or overlightened hair.

So there is a preliminary description of why one would need or use a filler......after this description of the product I will go back  to teaching about it a little more in-depth!

This is a pretty brilliant little product ....I have not done a full blown Post on "Filling" - because I have tap danced around the more "intricate parts of the professional world of Hair color....which is what I feel "filling " is. It is not hard, it is more like the process called "Vanish"-ing the Color out. So every one of you would be able to do it . . . . must be told the exact Steps in how to do it FIRST  .......+ be given the highest quality products to do it with. Finally this little Gem came out "for professional use" but to be honest 80% of Stylists are afraid of "Filling the Hair".... so just read and read the same thing over and over and ask questions.

  Its the Opposite end of Vanish coloring remover....this is the color you would add, to fill in the lighter color hair you have. . . .giving you a darker color you desire, that won't both fade and lighten with the very first shampoo. It is referred to as "filling the hair".



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