' High-lift Blondes ' Level 12 Lightening Colors *NEW*

I have some new high-lifts that are pretty spectacular. There is this newly reformulated one by Schwarzkopf as you see below in the video which has its BOND technology (OLAPLEX-like )  - IN -THE - FORMULA !  All the new high-lifts by Schwarzkopf are reformulated and I am only going to sell those in the future, I did my hair in Schwarzkopf over the weekend and if you have never tried it I found a few things I loved about it. I truly think it is worth everyone's effort to give your color in Schwarzkopf a shot I LLLLoved mine. I normally get a tingle in my scalp when I re-touch my hair (when I forget GLEAM - which every once in a while, I forget (........ it sucks getting older!)

If you haven't heard yet...... every single company has a comparable product to Olaplex now, its called a ''Bond protector" and they come in more varieties than the colors themselves. So it gives you a wider range to choose from.

On this page I have 2 new highlifts............Schwartzkopf Igora Royal REFORMULATED Highlift Blonde's  and Redken's Blond Idol Series that I rand some tests on with successful results on certain color, the best one being the "blue" based, which makes a lot of sense. I will post the photos below.

First Schwarzkopf because it comes with its own BOND protector (similar to Olaplex only much easier) that you apply in the end stages


  • Product Details - No. 2 Bond Sealer creates new bonds within the hair fiber and seals the outer surface for long-lasting strength, suppleness and shine.

    How To Use - For in-salon use with Igora Royal Highlift shades.

    - After Highlift shade process, shampoo and rinse hair.
    - Apply No. 2 Bond Sealer for 5 to 10 minutes.
    - Rinse thoroughly and style hair.

    schwarzkopf bond fortifier - killerstrands hair clinic









    First Redken and I ran these through some very promising tests



    Such as:

      • Never use heat with it (there is warnings on the packaging)
      • Always use a proper lipid (oil) when using it
      • Never use powder
      • Become educated thoroughly on the use of this lightener
      • Never EVER : over-lap..............................so remember if these 5 points are followed you will have healthy, shiny results.







    ( By reading the blog using the search term "Blond"  you can become a fully educated Crib Colorist - 6,000 people a day read the blog - every single day - all trying to become a fully educated Crib colorist )


      What It Is

      The Extra.Blonde Series gives colorists maximum lifting action and toning in one easy step. It can be used on Natural Levels 5 and lighter. Get up to 5 levels of lift with no bleach required! Lift, condition, and neutralize. Cera-oil Complex leaves hair conditioned.

      What It Does

      Violet Titanium: Fashion metallic shade that lifts and deposits silver and lavender tones. Shade creates noticeable fashion violet color.

      Rose Gold: Fashion metallic shade that lifts and deposits pink tones. End results will have a vibrant pink, warm result. Depending on the starting level, gold and/or copper tones will contribute to the end result.

      Sheer Bronze: Fashion metallic shade that lifts and deposits gold and copper pigments. Shade creates warm, bronze fashion color in one-step.

      Ash Violet: High-lift shade with ultra neutralization for stubborn, underlying pigments.

      Clear: Shade that offers multiple end results and used in three color services. Use it alone, mix with fashion blondes, or any other high lift shade.


        L OReal Professional  -  Majirel Permanent Highlift hair colors - 1.7 OZ


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