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Misting Bottle - Continuous - 10 OZ.

No more drenching hair  on YOU or your client, Damn I wish this would've been around in my salon days, I hated spraying cold water on peoples heads and face, I ended up using warm water but still they got drenched - This is one brilliant tool for Crib colorists & Pro Colorists alike. You know what it would be great for? Combing or brushing out your child's hair -- WITHOUT them screaming while you get their hair wet. I know.......... I have 2 girls with very long hair ! !

Goodies to help with hair color and styling:

10OZ. Continuous Mist Spray Bottle : which is fantastic way to re-wet the hair + use on clients -- the light Mist is a lot less invasive on your client. It works wonderfully when you need to add a little water to anything! Hair + Face + Plants or YOU NAME IT!  It is a propellant free airless spray bottle with an aerosol-quality spray. It consists of a mechanical trigger operated dispenser, that is gentle to press.  It is airless and non-pressurized with no use of propellant gases. It requires no special filling + multiple pulls equals a continuous spray. The spray ends abruptly meaning there are no drips or leaks. Bottle volume is 10 oz. The trigger is long enough for two finger to easy grip it and for a gggggreat price.

Super long Balayage Board - 14" !! - of a substantial black plastic textured board, holds bleach or color well along with a beveled shape at the end to setmisc.Var board close to scalp