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VANISH - Removes Old Hair Color

I have brought together all of our products that will help you remove your color and start over with new color...

Bleach is NOT MADE FOR REMOVING HAIR COLOR, it is designed to "lighten hair" and that's it. You do not want to have damaged hair........... that is the single worst thing hair should be.

VANISH - removes the hair color layers more efficiently and gentler than any substance on planet earth - this is the one and only product that removes hair color the way it was put on reversing the way the color molecules got INTO THE HAIR!. It reverses how the color was put in your hair by shrinking the hair color molecules so small that they seep out of the hair shaft and release out of the hair and go down the drain! No other product works that well to do that job. You do not use bleach to remove hair color, bleach is used to "lighten" hair color no remove it. One of my bigger sayings is "Use the right tool for the "right" job for the best results and the best conditioned hair will be your result! ! ! . This product is miraculous but you must realize miracles do not always happen with 1 box, most of you will need more than one if you truly want your color removed.

VANISH ........just the box - 2 complete applications, there are 2 bottles inside. Use 1/2 of 1 bottle and 1/2 the other. Then follow directions ..... with Kit you get MY directions and everything needed to apply the Vanish- cleanly- safely- quickly.

VANISH Kits - includes the box and all the accessories you need in order to complete a Vanish application, the shampoo, the Developer (used to check to see if color is out), measuring cups, gloves, a unique sponge applicator that actually stretches out the application of VANISH - so if you have long or thick hair you are are going to want this unique applicator. I found it by accident one day..... and most importantly my tips sheet....explaining the tips I have learned along the way...for the most successful application and results.

SHAMPOO - I believe using sulfate shampoo will be the best shampoo to use, or as you use the shampoo Train, one should find the cheapest lousiest shampoo, look under your sink, to see what your mother is screaming at you to get rid use on your hair for the Shampoo Train

If you cannot afford ALL OF THESE ITEMS ANOTHER WAY TO REMOVE A LITTLE BIT OF COLOR IS THIS:          We don't carry any shampoo's with sulfates in them, I hope you all know why......but, I believe in using them for hair color removal, If you have to.... I won't carry them to sell because i DON'T BELIEVE IN THEM, I feel people may get mixed up. Therefore, what I ask you to do with your hair color REMOVAL process is to use or purchase the cheap grocery store shampoos - prell or herbal essence - - the worlds worst shampoos will take your hair color out of your hair fast . As long as the shampoo has sulfates in it......... it will help.

I feel that if you want to either change or remove your hair color you can start what I call the shampoo TRAIN........why The train??? Because you shampoo - over & over & over & over after car....that is what removes and lightens hair color is repetitive hair washings with lousy shampoo....