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Eye-Brow + Men's Beard Tint - Lasts 3 - 6 weeks - Looks Natural

This is an eyebrow formula I have been using for years....I would tint my clients brows while doing their hair,  so many of them would say how much this had improved ''how much time took to get ready''. Besides, in the morning your bows are not 'rubbed-off' on the pillow case . . . they are tinted enough, so your face was balanced at ALL times which is a lovely advantage you don't realize........ till you have them done.  PLUS - Brows are very hard to shape / trim ...and color on a DAILY Basis . The time getting ready, everyday gets a nice DELETION, once you begin this little once-A-Month HABIT ! Even if you don't have any brows left ( a common problem in later years) you can tint the little tiny hairs on the face as well as any straggling may have in the shape of a brow and it works well.

I really do not like Tattooed Brows , so I kept turning the women of Malibu on to this little trick. It became so popular I began every appointment with the 

would love for you to read the post on the Blog about this so you can see some colors & examples....notice how mens beard hair is the exact same texture and feel of eyebrow hair...Both are colored the exact same way, as far as coming up with the formula, what is different is the manner of "APPLYING" the color.

Using the sponge we have with the handle works well for men               

Eyebrow Tint - The entire kit will last you nearly 1 year, you use so little.

-  Each application if mixed correctly should last 3-4 weeks - sometimes even 5 weeks !, if its not you are doing something wrong and need to get a hold of KC at or use the new CHAT feature we works really well..... I LOVE IT! I can get to answer you so much quicker.....Its really hard to look  at the emails for the store and for 1 day they are like 200 that you MUST phone calls or CHAT BOX is a much nicer choice for US!

Included per kit:

- 2 Tubes of Color

YOU MUST Answer one of these 3 questions:

Remember answer ONLY 1 of these in Level & Tone ...............for example : Level: 7 Tone: Ash

There is a "NOTES" Section on the web-site . . . . in that section , please express the "LEVEL" and the "TONE" you would like to have your brow section what Level and Tone hair color demonstrated in the Chart of circles of women's hair  below. So choose the LEVEL you want to be so that I can put the formula together for you.

Now please tell me the percentage of gray you have ( if any) . AND> > >  is it Resistant ? ? or in other words.....hard to cover with hair color?

Its O.K., just make a guess. Today I had a woman call who has been using my kit for a couple years and her hair was approx. 20% Gray, but now it is about 50% and the Gray starts to pop thru after about 2 weeks.

Remember i HAVE LOTS OF TRICKS. The idea is: to start low and to increase things as it becomes harder to cover.............(the gray that is 

Tell me what Level of hair color you want the hair in your brows OR in your beard

I include some eyebrow brushes, a perfect measuring spoon & spatula for 'mixing' ..... to complete the Kit along with MY own directions which are simple and easy to follow.

Always process brows for 1 hour, cleaning the outside edge as the color expands with a Q-Tip.

You just will not believe how much this cuts off the time in your daily make-up routine, covers grays, covers whites, and enhances the look at all times, even when you roll-over to kiss your sweetie in the morning....they are there !!

I choose from all the lines of hair color at my disposal and use the line that will create the exact color you want best.


  • 2 Tubes of color to go with LEVEL you have sent in with order
  • 1 bottle of developer
  • 3 small plastic spoons for measuring in small increments (re-usable)
  • 2 small spatula's to mix small increments
  • Directions - written by KC.......remember process the color on the brows for a full hour.....use a few Q-Tips and as the time goes by use the q-tip to draw the shape of the brow (keep the shape of the dye --> small, because hair color expands as the color processes.

You may also have redhead eyebrows, nothing is cooler than matching brows when Red. I've always wondered what God was up to when he invented the eyebrow....he forgot to color them to match the hair....Everyone's brows are virtually the same dull - drab yukky color. . . .ODD, God !

See the girl in the photo down below I put it on here so you could see that you are the only 1 true person who knows what looks best for the color of your brows. She chose much darker.....much darker than her own hair is......but I think it looks beautiful. This woman mak4esccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccvg