' Developers ' Various Brands & Volume's (Emulsion + Peroxide)

We have added Killerstrands own Blue and Violet developers, I've tested them multiple times on brassy and orange hair with great success just use in the same proportions as you always have just have the advantage no one else has TO FIGHT BRASS, GOLD , BL'ORANGE & ORANGE!

This page has all the various developers we carry on one page please see the bottom of the age where it says "TITLE" - click on that, which will show you all options of developers we carry including the purple one of the most important facts to remember about using Developer:


  • keep the top on at ALL times
  • read either inside of box of hair Color OR package insert to confirm the ratio of developer to Color. . . .every Color line is different
  • Ratio is either 1:1, 1:2, or 1:1.5 ..........the last one means for every 1oz. of Color you add 1 1/2oz. of Developer
  • the Volume you use is extremely important, do your research or join the Group
  • mix hair color together FIRST (if using more than 1 color in your formula) till mixed well, THEN, add developer
  • apply immediately and as fast & as carefully as possible.
  • when pulling color through 'the ends'. put an extra squirt of 10 Volume in bowl of leftover color.... stir well / apply to ends, for last 10-15 min.

 We are calling the new 'low-end' Developer.... VW Developer....so it will say VW Developer 10Volume. etc.

Developers have a minimum 2-3 year shelf life AS LONG AS YOU  KEEP THE TOP ON TIGHTLY AT ALL TIMES / this  means right after you have poured it into your bowl - you need to put top back on immediately and tightly.  Just do that and you can use the developer for a couple years ! WE purchase new developers every week.

All of these developers work fine with the Illumina Color line. Also the Wella Color Touch Developers work to create Demi-permanent hair color on any hair color as their standard levels are 6 & 13 Volume, although the Wella Color Touch line of colors are made specifically to produce that type of hair color.

 VOLUME : is the measure of the potential oxidation of varying strengths of hydrogen peroxide.
OK here it is: . . . .the lower the Volume ; the less lift is achieved ; the higher the Volume the greater the lifting action. Remember "lift" translates into the word "lighten" .... when going blond you want to "Lift" that color out of the hair so you may achieve a more beautiful shade of blonde. You want to "lift" out that darker color so that you can go PAST the brassy stage. The more lift the better for blonding. It is rare that there is too much lift, I can honestly say I don't think in all my years there has ever been one case of too much lifting. I know that would be one remarkable moment.Remember though,

10 Volume: 1/2 - 1 Levels of Lift

20 Volume: 1 - 1 1/2 Levels of Lift

30 Volume : 2 - 3 Levels of Lift

40 Volume: 3 - 4 Levels of Lift


Please remember to select the "LITRE" shipping options: at checkout

this will help get your package to you the fastest.

BLUE DEVELOPER by aloxxi.........in 20 & 40 Volume is called BLUE DEVELOPER, when in actuality is Violet/Blue...this is just a warning - Its a great developer don't get me wrong

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