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Gleam Dry Hair Oil

Killerstrands Oil made from 7 of the Top Oils from Nature!

GLEAM.............our wonder healing hair OIL surpasses any hair oil on the market ....... why? ........ 3 reasons:

  1. no silicone's - silicone as in silicone breast implants - yep, same goopy ingredient
  2. we use 10 of the best hair oils that work optimally on hair strands : Rose Hips Seed Oil + Abyssinian Oil + Chamomile Oil + Neroli Oil + Argan Oil + Coconut Oil + Vitamin E + Chamomile Oil + Calendula Oil + Aloe Vera Oil
  3. OUR PRICE! !.......comparable oils start at $70.00 for 1 ounce, now that price gouging

DIRECTIONS general application: always begin by applying two drops of oil, warmed by rubbing hands together & apply from the ends of the hair towards the roots.

Specifics: for a healthy, lustrous glow, apply after shampoo and conditioner, to damp or dry hair. As a conditioner, add two - ten drops to a single application of your own conditioner and apply as usual. As a styling aid, add 2 drops to damp or dry hair you will learn which you prefer. As a brushing treatment, add 2 drops to dry hair and brush for 2-4 minutes for a healthy glow, by rubing hands together super fast you create heat which assists in penetrating the hairs cuticle and applying that oil in such a manner that it will sink inside hair strand and begin the repairing procedure. If you use a wooden comb, anoint the teeth with a couple drops just prior to combing. As a scalp treatment, gently massage 2-4 drops into scalp -- this is especially effective for dry patches AND Flaking. I know it seems funny and maybe the opposite but applying this oil to dandruff will help eliminate it, try it for just 3 nights, it should eliminate it that fast if this treatment works for you (it works for 75% of all people) To enhance color and highlights in sunlight, and to promote elasticity & luster, apply to wet or dry hair.


PLUS we now offer 3 Fragrances in GLEAM

We have added a new light "Citrus Verbena" scent to the exact same formula that is GLEAM, for a different variety . . . . the scent is on your hair and near your face all day...and there have been days when I wished I had a different fragrance in Gleam to apply. .......please let us know how you like it...

Many of our customers use Gleam for their face, as some of the oils in Gleam are used in the $200. face oils here in Beverly Hills and Hollywood !!

Gleam is nearly 16 years old ! It is STILL, a leap ahead of all the oils out there. Why?

  • made of multiple exotic (from mother earth nature) Oils, beginning with Rose Hips Seed Oil...ending with Argan & Camellia Oil from the Amazon
  • then 6 extracts are added, including aloe vera & chamomile....
  • endless research to design GLEAM as #1 Oil, using ONLY oils specific to healing and restoring the lipids in hair
  • multi-functional product, not only is it mineral & vitamin rich, it works on scalp AND hair....I also have many of you report back to me whom use it religiously on your face. It is wonderful for the skin -- I actually designed the formula for the face...because the face gets all the attention and the hair gets left in the dust, but I truly feel Killerstrands is making a difference in the field though
  • rejuvenates skin by stimulating cell growth, (for the hair it stimulates "NEW" hair growth)
  • the oil is calming...scented with a warm and comfortable mixture of essentials oils - 100 yr.old amber resin - rose otto - cedarwood etc.....
  • 100% Natural, no silicone's of any sort ( they are hiding silicones now by naming them without the "cone" at the end of the name! yes, they are tricky those chemical companies!

It contains 100% natural origin ingredients. This oil is free from artificial colors, silicones and PEG. The hair is soft, shiny and silky, the body skin is nourished and velvety.
People ask for ingredients and personally I don't give certain ones out because other companies find joy in duplicating my ideas .. which I know is supposed to be glamorizing. But I am just tired of it.
I personally guarantee the formula goes over and above any oil on the market - as far being organic-natural- & Clean, my hand to God.
 I DO want to warn you a little something about 95% of all oils out there , they have silicone in them....why should you care if they do???Because we are discovering that all the silicone's in everyone's hair are making hair color applications not work the way it is supposed to work. The silicone's are breaking down and leaving spotted remains in the hair strands.....which of course then produces a spotted ....look when the new color is applied. NOT GOOD!

How to use:

Hair: apply on hair ends to hydrate and enhance shine. Face: a few drops will guarantee an effective nourishing action. Body: massage on wet skin.
I know when someone copies you or your idea,  it is the sincerest form of flattery - but still - on every shelf in every store there are hair sure to check their ingredient list.......... 98% of them mix their oils with Silicone ( Dimethicone & every other verson of that possible ). Gleam is 100 % luxury premium quality oils and we use the TOP oils in the world .I'm so darn proud of this product and what it does for hair, skin and body.




with the next batch come UNSCENTED

You may look at all these ingredients. . .and think OH MY, OILY!          I swear . . .I was making dry oils for hair, for nearly 16 I studied the importance of lipids for hair health way back in the 90's! So, I mastered these long before all these companies have made their versions of GLEAM the one true- DRY OIL !       

Now that everyone and their brother is making a GLEAM copy sure to check ingredient list.......... 98% of them mix their oil with Silicone. Gleam is 100 % oils and we use the TOP oils in the world . Even the supposed - original- "Morrocan Oil' is a Serum, its 2 main ingredients being Silicones. So beware they are 2 completely different products.

  • 1 that protects the hair from hot tools
  • the other (GLEAM) that will truly heal your dry ends, adds moisture to your hair, brings back shine, loads of other advantages to it.


This is the best hair re-constructor you will use - everyone must get used to their own method of application. 100% of Gleam's formula are oils by nature, which is why it works in the phenomenal way it does.

Rub this in either the back of your hand or your hair and it will simply soak in and begin repairing BOTH! Nothing will be oily. The one and only way you can truly repair damaged hair or skin is with lipid replenishing. .  Try GLeam.......try Illumin........just test the repairs you get from these products. 

2 methods of application.... #1) is for dry or damaged ends..... #2) for all over application

  1. apply on dry hair: .... split the hair in half by parting from nose to tail bone, pull each side to the front. Use a couple drops to 1 pump (depends on hair texture) on hands...........rub between two hands, and apply to top and bottom of ends at the same time with palms , this will alleviate split ends and reduce dry breaking hair...
  2. Massage a few drops of this oil into the hair after shampooing and conditioning will guarantee an enhanced result. Hair looks shinier and healthier after just one application. With multiple applications hair continues to improve - alleviating split ends and brittle breakage - WITHOUT ANY OILY RESIDUE. Rich in Vitamins E and F,  antioxidants and essential fatty acids.



Gleam Oil has the most unique, effective and expensive oil base of any healing oil on the market place. Both Argan and Abyssinian Oil are the 2 magical ingredients in Gleam - along with this all the other various oils making up the  mystical GLEAM formulation. Gleam is formulated to repair and replenish dry and damaged hair. Rich in nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids, Gleam softens and protects, eliminating frizz and flyaway's & giving you manageable, beautiful shiny hair.  

 Abyssinian Oil the more rare of the 2 high-end oils is a lovely and light oil with an exquisite hair/skin feel - completely DRY. This natural oil contains a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids, but is very stable against heat breakdown and is highly resistant to oxidation. Abyssinian Oil has a unique molecular structure not found in any other naturally occurring oil. Abyssinian Oil  will impart silky conditioning without greasiness and provides a natural luster and an emollient feel .  

GLEAM is Killer Strands’ own #1 hair oil, this oil is actually another accidental miracle, like most great products are and has the most remarkable list of ingredients you will find in a hair oil. Interesting all the various other brand hair oils that have popped up in the last year, I was not surprised in the least, I've never had so many people be so shocked at the outcome of one of my products than I have of GLEAM.

The hair strand is almost the exact same structure as the skin, therefore anything we formulate for the skin or face we should closely mimic for the hair (with a specific tweak or two)  and they result in extraordinary success. GLEAM is a fine example of that theory. I use exquisite & rare oils and the hair just loves you back for using them.

I have never found a soul that didn't relish their hair after the use of GLEAM, although every single person I speak to....... uses it differently.

2 of the new knockout uses for it? ? ?  apply few squirts to both hands AND nails rub in . . . . then apply latex gloves ( not cotton or anything absorbent)  go to sleep  - - - in the morning remove latex gloves

       The oils in GLEAM are rare and mainly used for repairing and moisturizing the face & neck – they are some of the most expensive {natural} oils available and when used for the conditioning and restructuring of hair, the results are unparalleled. The combination of oils in GLEAM produce a “dry oil” feel. When you first get your bottle, drop a couple drops on the back side of your hand, rub them in…wait less than a minute. Dry-Dry-Dry, the myth that oils are bad for the skin has been abolished in Europe for many-many years.

      The human body needs oils – real, glorious, earth-grown oils are the best method of replenishing hair/skin lipids, which are stripped by heat, sun, sulfate-shampoos, flat irons, improper diet, alcohol, smoking and on and on.

      There are multiple ways to use GLEAM, two of which I will detail for you. I was taught the first way by customers who started playing around with it 2 years ago and had amazing results.

      Method 1 – Daily Use. Put 1/2 to 2 squirts in hand (if hair is thin go with the 1/2 squirt) : rub hands together – apply to lengths of hair. Rub in hair & comb/brush through once in the morning & once at bedtime. Oil soaks in and moisturizes from inside out and is NOT greasy – just give it 5 minutes to soak in.

      Method 2 –  This is my method. Coloring. Apply one squirt of Gleam to each side of the hair, one hour prior to coloring your hair. Apply color or bleach to hair – right on top of oil! When the process starts to work and the developer opens the hair cuticle to change the color of your hair, the lipids from the oil go in the hair strand at the same time and keep the hair shiny and healthy – it is true magic – and one of my grandest tricks.

      Method 3: Gleam can also be used as a styling tool – it works miraculously on curly, wavy hair. Wait till you see what it does for split ends. Watch your hair respond to what it has been missing – lipids.

      Staff pick:
      Nik uses Gleam as a pre-coloring conditioner, both before her base color and again before her foils. She also uses it as a deep conditioner in conjunction with her Thriven regimen, to add that look of glossy health (helpful for those of us who double-process!)

      We have added a new extra-large size – 8 oz.
      4 oz and 2 oz are our traditional sizes