" BLASTED '' - Metallic Hair Conditioner (MICA+Pigment) - Luminescent Shimmer & Color !

We have added a sister product called BLASTED - which is 1/2 COLOR pigment (BURST) and 1/2 METALLIC/mica. The advantages of both ! Know this........This has a whole lotta Color having both, so know that!

Another addition to our color-depositing products. MICA & pigment. Metallic powder imparting endless shine & sought after 'metallic' look and upkeep of them + pigment to give you the richness of color.

For the ultimate results, I always recommend 1 Malibu packet prior to coloring of ANY kind really. The Color Prep or Malibu C, Quick-Fix, CPR, or DDL packets are best. Another  good move is to have a bottle of UN DOO GOO Shampoo( by Malibu C) in your shower....it has some of the goodies that are in the packets, so if you are going to use BLAST, BURST or BLASTED and you either don't have a packet, don't have the time or for whatever reason .... you can just use UN DOO GOO Shampoo, wet hair - add shampoo.... massage in, leave suds on hair for 5-10 minutes, rinse very well. Your hair will be clean enough to have an EVEN application.

I also suggest purchasing the Metal cap and hair dryer ( which really works wonderfully for a travel "HOOD" hair dryer). HEAT adds to brightness and how long color lasts .Every single person's hair takes color differently. Acouple people have told me how they use the packet, apply their color put cap on....apply hair dryer while they do some reading for 1-2 hours. Their color lasts 2-3 weeks and covers their gray so they get more length out of the professional color appt

Same thing applies when ready to change colors or looks - just begin using regular ole shampoo and it will come completely out.

One thing you will want to watch is the floor of the shower, but do like I do keep a plastic pitcher in the shower, throw a little liquid soap in the pitcher..........fill with warm/hot water. After rinsing hair, pour pitcher around floor to clean.

The goal with BLASTED is to have a way of "keeping-up" metallic looking hair, which is 'on fleek' currently. Silver micro glitter does not like water...........so I had been looking for a Plan B for a while now.  Of course keep your Reviews and opinions rolling in - the more I know the smarter I can become and the better our products can be for you!

The names come from the table of metals and KC's brain ! For example: Rosidium is a word she made up that sounds like Rose Gold Metallic - TO her !

Copper is the same only there is a lot of metallic gold/Copper and not too much rose....its like Killer Copper 2 with lots of shimmer involved.

Also NEONS and Black.lite colors are very popular among the festival crowd and we have developed a Black-Lite Over.Coat called LIT.  Apply to hair to make it come alive when seeking that Glo-by-Night Color. Killerstrands introduces a Black.lite Over.coat that will make any Kenra or Pravana VIVIDS / NEONS glow under black-light, using Kenra NEONS !  Just apply after a shower & before going out .....a super flash-rinse........./dry & go.

1) LIT : Hair Conditioner - Towel Dry ............apply ......... process 10 min., speed rinse (rinse for 10-30 seconds in cool water), air dry ( least amount of heat the better for long lasting)

Remember not all products work for all people's hair type........... but if the products I develop work on a minimum of 80% of all heads of hair types I feel I have a true winner, BLAST meets those standards !


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