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I try to search in every nook and cranny for uniquely formulated hair products for you and this is one of the biggest winners I've seen in a very long time. In fact it blew up SOOOO much - the company got caught off-guard and ran out of the Cleansing creme SHAMPOO and it WAS back-ordered 3 weeks....no worries it comes in Monday 4/11/16

Now the idea behind the company is the products all center around how the pH affects the hair - its damage and its Repair....and how their addition of Stem Cell's from plants and vegetables go to work to save your hair from damage and repair any that is currently there. I'm so excited to get it in as I have never tried it myself............ there have been a lot of wonderful feedback though.



Daily Primer: 

Formulated to adjust and maintain your hair to its natural pH level without causing build up. Designed to actually close down the cuticle layer while hydrating and softening the hair. Of course this formula also prevents split ends and can also double as a heat protectant. 

Coconut & Avocado Oil: 

Our hair has natural oils and fatty acids. This product helps to restore the oils and fats that have been stripped because of hair coloring and chemical treatments. Of course Hair pHix couldnt make a product with just one use! It also creates shine and repairs split ends. This oil protects hair from damage and helps hair to better retain moisture. Say good bye to dry hair! 

Volume Enhance Spray:

With a low pH of 4.5-5.5, this spray locks in color and prevents future fading, extending the life of your fresh hair color, keratin treatments and perms! The alcohol free, vegan ingredient formula also contains amino acids and cystine which help to repair damaged hair. Contains Horehound-Marrubium Vulgare and Heart-leaved Globe Daisy-Globularia stem cells that protects skin from chemicals. These stem cells also aid as a detoxifier, improves the hair and scalp cell lifespan, eliminates toxins, and even boosts the skin's self defense system! This multi-use volume enhancing spray can be applied to wet OR dry hair from roots to ends that also adds a soft-feel touch. Can be applied to just the roots for an effortlessly voluminous look. Can also be used for curly hair with our without a diffuser to enhance and separate curls. It is truly a luxury for your hair!

Cleansing Creme:


Apply Hair pHix Cleansing Crème from the scalp to the ends of your hair. Cleansing Crème low lather organic base formulation will close the hair cuticle, sealing in colour, straightening treatments and perms. Use right after coloring to lock in and extend the life of your hair color. Cleansing Crème will gently remove any chemical residue, so it is always used right after hair coloring or other chemical treatments to gently remove residue. Because it contains Gardina-gardenia Jasminoides-Stem cells, it also works as a replenisher and reconstructive treatment to the hair. The Lilac-Syringa Vulgaris- Stem Cells in the cleansing creme help oily hair by balancing seborrhea. This helps to gently remove impurities without the harsh cleansing chemicals. 

Deep Leave-In Treatment:


Again with the ever loved keratin amino acids and cystine to repair damaged hair, this deep leave-in treatment contains plant phtosterols to fight environmental damage towards the scalp and cuticle of the hair. This detangled also helps to eliminate frizz and even prevents split ends. This little magic in a bottle also works as a detangled and thermal protectant to prevent damage against those hot tools we love to use! Also contains Horehound-Marrubium Vulgare and Heart-leaved Globe Daisy-Globularia stem cells as mentioned in other products. For optimal results, use with Cleansing and Conditioning Creme for ultimate repair and prevention of split ends. 

Shine Spray: 

As light as can be for an effective shine spray. Contains avocado and other natural fatty acids that is essential for improving your hair's flexibility and strength. What does this mean? You can comb through wet hair without it breaking off because it will be stronger and more flexible! 

Styling Creme:

This creme not only boosts curls but it can create a lustrous style while locking down moisture and frizz. It locks in color as well and prevents future fading. What is remarkable about this product is that it is also designed to repair scalp cell damage from hair color and chemicals thanks to Horehound-Marrubium Vulgare and Heart-leaved Globe Daisy-Globularia stem cells. All while remaining vegan based! 


Repair Creme Conditioner:

A keratin, cystine, natural oils, and fatty acid infused completely vegan formula that strengthens and repairs hair from hair color and chemical treatments. Because we all know that your scalp can be damaged from hair coloring and chemical treatments as well, this creme conditioner also helps repair the scalp cells with 100% certified organic non GMO plant stem cells. As mentioned in  some of the other Hair fix products, this contains Lilac-Syringa Vulgaris stem cell extract and Gardina-gardenia Jasminoides stem cells.



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