" BOOST + BURST " Color Depositing Shampoo & Conditioner

 These Shampoos & conditioners are referred to both as a DIRECT DYE and/or Semi-Permanent hair color. These have the most pigment of any color-depositing conditioners ANYWHERE ! It coats the top of the hair strand AND SINKS IN, it is the actual color you see in the bottle. There one main advantages to BOOST & BURST is the following:

  • color depth is under YOUR control, leave it longer it becomes darker. Apply it more frequently it becomes darker and more long lasting. Do the opposite for opposite results.
  • They can be removed 'completely' by just using regular shampoo, which enables you to change colors whenever you like !

     I learn so much from ALL OF YOU ! ! !  - -  the best place to learn about BOOST & BURST is to read all the REVIEWS over there...see the pink button that says REVIEWS ?  There are dozens of stories and tales on how different people have success with BOOST, BURST, BLAST and BLASTED ! ! I encourage you to read some, you will get a better idea of all the various ways I have heard people from all over the world discover ways in which to use them and these people are - just like you ! !

    BOOST & BURST work wonderfully on 80% of all people, remember that fact. But  be very vigilant in trying all the different methods of application ! ! ! Request some foils in the notes section so you can run STRAND TESTS  !

    Remember everyone, Every single person has different type hair and the texture,  porosity, and color of your hair all need to be taken into account before using. For one person leaving BURST on for 3 minutes is perfect.....for another person leaving BOOST/ BURST / BLAST / or BLASTED on for 1 hour is perfect....Try a strand test,  the product "BURST" is the darker of the 2, if you can only swing one of the two - - my recommendation is BURST. When you want to lighten or remove the color - begin using REGULAR shampoo, gradually the color will come out.

    Then you can either change to another color - OR -- go back to your virgin color - its as easy as shampooing & the color comes out.
    Absolutely ZERO Developer is used, so there is not one teeny tiny bit of damage inflicted to your hair strands. BOOST - BURST - BLAST & BLASTED are all Semi-Permanent Hair color, true Semi-Permanent hair color, a DIRECT DYE or in other words it is color that 'once  it is applied ... it will turn your hair the exact color you see 'visually' in the bottle --- PROVIDED THE HAIR YOU APPLY IT TO, IS EITHER BLEACHED, LIGHTENED OR SUCH LIGHT GRAY THAT MOST CONSIDER THE HAIR A LEVEL 9-12, OR LIGHT BLONDE HAIR.

    As with all hair products BOOST / BURST & BLAST work on approx. 80-85% of all people - which is pretty high in the realm of hair products. But we want you to be aware of that prior to purchasing these.

    This is the single best way to try various hair colors "on" to see if you might make a change to a new color - WITHOUT damage of any kind! Its brilliant,in my opinion and to be honest when I want

    With BOOST - BURST - BLAST & BLASTED : all 4 are true semi-permanent  hair color -- they will all come out when using regular shampoo - gradually and according to everyone's own porosity will determine how long it will take for each and every person. Again, it will be different with each and every single one of u. BUT, eventually it will shampoo out. If you are in a hurry purchase one of the MALIBU C Packets that use  Vitemin C Crystals to help remove hair color. They are one of our most popular line of products, they are also excellent for achieving a : SMOOTH - - EVEN - APPLICATION with BOOST/BURST/BLAST & BLASTED and help the application last as long as humanely possibly (without using) developer + tube of permanent or Demi-permanent Hair color

    . I hear people having so much fun with these and the various ways they use them STILL after 2 years! If you want a speedier removal system purchase the MALIBU C treatment packet called CPR (color pigment reducer) or DDL ( direct dye lifter) that are listed here.                                        

                                                                                                                                                                                       With each and every bottle you receive 1 complimentary plastic Cap that we would like you to use to process the color. If you are a bit hesitant we are always happy to give you 3-5 foils, so that you may run a strand test beside your ear to test the color, and check on timing ideas. YOU MUST REQUEST THE FOILS ( in the notes section please).

      BOOST & BURST are the most heavily pigmented color depositing shampoo & conditioners on the market today. KC has designed each color to be accurate and long lasting. Please check out BLAST or BLASTED if you are interested in our new METALLIC hair color!

      KC has always used MALIBU treatment packs, prior to using BOOST, BURST+ BLAST. They are inexpensive+ very effective in stripping all unwanted minerals & chlorine we all acquire from our lousy water out of the hair and leave a very clean/clear pallet for the color to absorb on your hair strands, if you never tried on YOU MUST ! . Use prior to any hair coloring applications but especially these.
      - Apply to towel dried ( you do not want hair sopping wet as that will dilute the color) ... wet hair....... massage into hair & cover evenly (use wide tooth comb) BOOST is 'lightest'' of all our lines, so for more intense results = leave on hair-up to 20-30-60 min. Altho, begin with 3-5 min.!- Use as needed & follow w/BURST - BLAST or BLASTED our color conditioners - use INTENSIVE to lock in color!

      Suggested Usage:
      -Apply to wet hair, massaging into hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly.
      -For more intense results, leave on hair for up to five minutes.
      -Use as needed and follow with the dpHUE Cool Blonde Conditioner

      you regulate the darkness or lightness by the amount of time you leave on hair and the frequency you apply it. Its all in YOUR hands. I encourage you to read some of the dozens of reviews from people because I myself have learned many things from them as well. Some people leave it on 1 day for 2 hours. . . . while others apply it at every shower for 5 minutes. The range is everywhere and I'm thrilled to hear all the various ways people are using them.

      This color is the authentic version of a Semi-permanent color ( or a DIRECT DYE) Semi-permanent hair color is supposed to be any hair color that is applied to the hair that does NOT have developer added to it. In other words the color goes directly to the hair strands and that to remove semi-permanent hair color, it should be able to be completely removed by simply using regular shampoo and the color gradually comes all the way out. THAT is what you will get with BOOST, BURST & BLAST !


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