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B2B - BOOST & BURST - Wholesale For Hair Stylists/Salon Owners --

This page is almost completed if there is not a (6) preceding the color you are interested in  & you are ready to purchase either Call or email & I will update it, tomorrow

For Hair Stylists,Salons, Beauty Supplies or Hair Schools interested in purchasing "BOOST" & "BURST in Bulk we have come up with a way in which to do so.

 All COLORS AVAILABLE FOR This type of purchase. Minimum purchase: 6 Per color - per TYPE with 2 dozen min. purchase -- so  you must buy a minimum of 24 bottles for an opening order. 

With that, the minimum order is $307.80.........PLUS shipping. We Shipping USPS and do get a discounted rate than public - we will do our best to help - always

We encourage you to give us a call - to help you in placing this order....please call: Yvonne at Killerstrands Hair Clinic ( 805.910.8274 ) .......... she & KC will answer any questions you may have! They will guide you through this process.

For iNTERNATIONAL ORDERS - we will alter the $$ cost on all paperwork for your customs, that just seems like highway robbery to me. Charging you money for shopping in other countries. That doesn't happen here, So we will do the best to lower that particular price as low as reasonable. As far as shipping Costs -- it is all based on weight -- that is how the United States Post Office works we have nothing to do with it.. If the shipping seems like something is wrong, then please call or email probably is . . . . . we will work with you.

Common Starting order's are :

 6:  BOOST  and  6 : BURST


12 BURST  + 12 BOOST

These are only examples. BOOST & BURST can be used in over a dozen different ways!

We have 3 new colors - these are very light colors that were inspired by the new color technique called : Color Melding

  • Powder Perp - light powder lavendar - finally a Powder Perp
  • Peach Pucker -  Peached Whale re-named -- a soft Peach color
  • Perry.Wink  -  KC's Favorite color

    WE NOW HAVE SILVER BULLET in 2 shades :

    • SILVER - BULLET - Just plain regular Silver  (black + white = silver)

    • SILVER - BRASS  BULLET - Silver Bullet with FAINT Violet/Blue Base, this is to fight any brass/yellow, you have in your hair, then deposit silver
    Gray Plus Yellow DOES NOT MAKE A NICE COLOR, it creates a GRAY GREEN MESS. We urge anyone interested in the new SILVER HAIR COLOR to get rid of as much brass as possible. That is the only way to have a clean - clear shiny SILVER.

    WHY? Because of Color THEORY and the fact that very few people have BRASS-FREE blonde hair.


    To ALL Hair Stylists: Use Boost and Burst for a REFRESHING Service, in between Crazy Color/Direct Dye/Pastel Color Jobs .... or if you don't want to add that service send them to us

    Notice the top half of the names are Boost- the shampoo. The bottom half is Burst - the conditioner. You only get 1 if you order one, you must order from top half for BOOST and order again (Bottom half for BURST) to receive both. BOOST & BURST or B&B are:

    • Sulfate-free
    • Gluten-free
    • Paraben-free &
    • pH balanced
    ! Remember: Both BOOST & BURST 's strength depends on how long you leave it on your hair (processing time) after initial application ! As of today we are sending a complimentary plastic Cap with every order of B & B. Why? So it reinforces to you the fact that there must be a "processing time" in order to get that deep initial color results. Once you get that color  you desire.... ONLY THEN  can you shampoo and condition with B&B for a couple minutes keep color up ! ! These are not hair color, but hair color boosters, very strong boosters at that !
    Boost,  the Shampoo gives a faint hint of color when shampooed on, when shampooed and left on for 5-20 minutes u will get better results but BOOST is a lot lighter than BURST - FYI ! BURST is much more popular than BOOST as far as re-purchases by previous customers.

    That is just how it works when you deal with a truly SEMI-PERMANENT HAIR COLOR.....a color that which in order to get rid of it you can merely begin shampooing with regular shampoo to get it out (use a lousy sulfate shampoo for fastest fading !?!?!??)

    We have added a few of Malibu C Treatment Packets to this page that really help prepare the hair for hair color of ANY type. You have a 50% better result if you have a clean/Clear Canvas to apply ANY type of hair color on and especially something like Semi-Permanent Hair Colored Shampoos + Conditioners that are so light. Their inexpensive and after you use one most people get hooked on them... the results are so amazing.
    Also if you want to change colors like so many of you end up doing, you can use the DDL Direct Dye Lifter to help remove one color and then use another other one ! ! !
    BTW: I have a Brand New  VIOLET PILOT........ But remember it depends on the lightness of your hair they work so wonderfully on Platinum hair color for one look and on golden hair for another and even brown looks beautiful with some of the Violets, Blues & Rose Colors - we are beginning to have some:

    stay on your toes as they sell out quickly - per color - we will get a limited amount in and once their gone,
    u will have to wait till they come in again!
    You Can Now Get SILVER BULLET with or WITHOUT SILVER MICA in it....I like to call it:
    SILVER 'SPARKLE' BULLET !   I think its very cool, but then I am from California !  MICA is that super fine 'natural micro small shine that is MINERAL its very very super fine glitter ......I like to think it makes your hair look a tiny bit metallic, gives great shine as well

    These products are unlike any you have tried in the past..They are what are used for hair shows & photo shoots. KC has been making them custom like this for nearly 20 years.This makes them have more pigment than anything else you've ever tried, which means you need very little.
    You will always want the hair wet prior to applying either product & THEY CAN ALWAYS BE REMOVED

    Here are ways to make it darker:

    • shampoo in - leave on longer
    • leave on with plastic cap, the cap creates heat - the heat helps deposits MORE pigment into the strands
    • Use BOTH B&B : shampoo (Boost) & Conditioner (BURST)
    • Use every time you you shampoo
    • Leave both on longer and use both every time ( be careful- go in small increments- don't worry its easy to get out - simply shampoo with regular shampoo)

    Ways to make it lighter:

    • leave it on less time
    • Only use once a week using other shampoos during week
    • Use lousy crappy Sulfate Shampoo - leave the shampoo on the hair for longer
    • Use one of the Malibu 2000 Color Correction packets - works great !
    • Do NOT use Vanish on this it is not needed nor does it work, Vanish only works on Oxidative hair color

    For Blondes... I encourage you to chose Beige or violet if you are looking for a nice color.

    Hair Stylists: Use Boost and Burst for a REFRESHING Service, in between Crazy Color/Direct Dye/Pastel Color Jobs .... or if you don't want to add that service send them to us

    I use photos that I feel give you a good idea of the color in the bottle u purchase, so very many factors depend on how these work. For those of you who have no color need to first get a good color deposit by leaving it on hair for 5 -30 minutes - then you can just use them once or twice a week.. The pigment in these colors is stronger than any others I have seen & tested. Remember any questions please send to :

    Specials, Sales, & Surprises