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B2B: Wholesale Boost & Burst (2 dozen Minimum)


Purchase Boost & Burst in multiple quantities for salons, beauty schools, or any other business use.

SHIPPING: Your shipping charge will determined AFTER order is placed, when checking out choose the $14.99 Option and just know the charges all depend on the weight and distance the order is going to. We will calculate Total shipping and then we will send you a REQUEST FOR SHIPPING FUNDS to your email. The order will be processed after we receive monies for shipping.

Minimum orders are 2 dozen, and you can choose up to a maximum of 4 different colors within that 2 dozen - NO LESS THAN 6 of one color can be ordered..


(6) in one color of Boost OR Burst

(6) in one color of Boost OR Burst

(6) in one color of Boost OR Burst

(6) in one color of Boost OR Burst


24 bottles (2 Dozen) in 4 different colors is the minimum order at this price.


Orders for more than 2 dozen can be made in additional half dozens.


(24) in Breaking Bad Blue Burst

(6) in Violet Pilot Boost


30 bottles in 2 different colors (or any variations of colors you desire - with 6 of one color being the minimum, this is just an example)


Directions for Ordering: Please email us a purchase order stating the quantities, Boost/Burst, and names of colors. We will then reply with a confirmation of the order.  

All purchase orders should be sent to along with any other questions.


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