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200-WATT Kit for hair conditioning

This is a 4 oz. bottle of Dry Hair Oil called GLEAM and an 8OZ. Jar of THRIVE...N ( I type it like that because everyone mispronounces it)  Its the word THRIVE and then an "N" at the end as if you were to say Thriving - REALLY super fast.....Thrive---'n'. It was the only word I could use for a product like it is. Yes, I am that confidant in them and I feel that lately I have not been teaching it like it should am getting reinvigorated to do this!

The Most dynamic Hair changing products we carry. If you want the Top then you need the 400 WATT kit, but I want people to see what I am talking about... if you have never tried these 2....YOU NEED TO !  You will say what everyone else says to me, " I have tried every single hair conditioner in the world from $10.00 versions to $100.00 versions ( it is remarkable to me how much people will spend trying to find ONE decent hair conditioner - that works).

In other words one that actually - T-R-U-L-Y  DOES condition the hair.  That is what these 2 little beautiful bottles will do for you they will liven up your hair and begin to bring it back to life.

Used in Conjunction with each other you can literally change your hair's health inside of 1 week, that is how powerful these 2 little containers of GOOP are! I am being 100% serious as well.

I had to come up with them myself because I did what ALL of you did, so I went to work studying how to formulate hair conditioners. I spent 2 years studying with one of the top Cosmetic Chemists in the business - he was involved with developing the very first mascara with Max Factor about 60 + years ago ! What a wealth of knowledge this man was, I was sooo lucky to have found this group of people at the time I did.

Be sure with THRIVEN, to shampoo the hair - TOWEL dry and apply and comb thru, then wind the hair up and leave it on there overnight, it is a SLEEP-IN hair conditioner, or for the people who don't want to do it that way. Pick 1 day out every week or twice a week until you start to feel the repairing doing its work then you can go down to 1 day per week. Once you see how wonderful these products are.... you are going to want to watch out for Sale's.