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Why Killerstrands is Different . . .

We believe EDUCATION & PROPER Products - Can Produce Perfect Hair !

We do not compete with other businesses or Hair Stylists,  we feel education of how to properly color + care for your hair is extremely important -- yet the knowledge has always been kept a secret from the public.

Our proposition is simple:

We want to help both the Home & Professional Hair enthusiast succeed by solving their problems through our education (Blog) & Store . Which means we offer top-of-the-line lessons in hair color + health in addition to supplying the same in the products we offer. We fight for the little guy (Crib Colorists, new & seasoned hair stylists, everyone deserves access to the best).
Since our founding in 2006, we have continued to implement our vision to help as many people as possible around the world, achieve a brighter road towards beautiful shiny hair. We happen to believe that the color & condition of every persons hair affects their mood and attitude which can affect many other facets of their lives. It can be said, that 'hair' is the most important cosmetic feature of the body.
We provide a wide range of quality products - approved by the high standards KC used in her career, at the best prices possible. We cannot afford to advertise on the web, because the hair industry is one of the most expensive category's in Internet advertising rates we are a small business in a small rural town near L.A. California.
What we like to ask of you in return for our 'free' education is ... please tell people about us. Lets try to make a little difference - please request Business cards that we will include with your next order in the "NOTES" section on check-out page if that will help you

Buyer Protection

We use payment providers that offer buyer protection. By following our guidelines you can be sure that you will get the product you paid for in the condition that it was described or your money back. Buyer Protection means, You can shop with confidence. Remember though, we have one exception as far as returns and that stems from an FDA rule, Hair color is non-returnable. Think about this...........would YOU want to purchase a hair color that someone else owned previously? It may seem silly but this exception is PROTECTION FOR YOU.
When Killerstrands was brand new, we took returns on hair color, then 1 order that was sent back - was in turn sent out to another Crib Colorist. We received a very angry phone call from the person who received it. The returnee had taken the new tube of color out of box (BEFORE they changed packaging to new design10 years ago!) and put the old tube in new box and returned it to us.  It took us about week to solve the dilemma, we were stumped at first - because we purchase directly FROM  WELLA headquarters (20 minutes from us). Please remember this, the same pertains to BOOST, BURST, & BLAST. Again, first we tried this as well, then someone had used 1/2 the bottle - filled it with water and sent it back. It is sad when so little ruin it for so many, but that is how the world rolls I guess.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring top-of-the-line education & products together and to revolutionize caring & coloring the hair with actual heart & soul behind it.


With Buyer, Seller and Product Feedback you can be sure that you are buying the right product from the best supplier at a great price.

KC - owner and educator

If you have a question about a product that you are considering purchasing and need assistance, feel free to CALL:  805.910.8274
For actual formula help - we need you to be able to speak in "Level System" terms (don't panic), so we do not give you the incorrect advice. All you have to know is the answers to the below questions using the Levels of this graphic:
  1. What Level is your VIRGIN hair? ( non-colored)
  2. What Level is your current Hair?
  3. Level of DESIRED hair?
  4. % Gray ?
  5. Henna on hair?
  6. Damaged? Texture?
  7. Length of hair?  Thin/Thick?

Specials, Sales, & Surprises