Delivery & Returns


Our Return Policy is: if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order to the warehouse address, from which it came for a full refund  } > except for Hair Color - which includes BOOST-BURST & BLAST } . If you follow this page there is no reason to even call.

(Returns must be unused, in the state you received them, and in the original packaging) One Exception is Hair Color including BOOST & BURST & BLAST as those items cannot be re-sold once purchased - the reason is ' SANITARY '  purposes. I'm sure none of you would want to purchase a hair color product that someone else has owned - this exception is a protection for you. So if for whatever reason you're not happy with your purchase, just mail back your package to the address it came from. We will credit OR Refund the manner in which you paid - remember though the Shipping Charge is NOT refundable !

With Killerstrands 30-day return policy, there are no special catches or exceptions (besides HAIR COLOR) .


WHY the Hair Color exception? :

When Killerstrands was brand new, we took returns on hair color, then 1 order that was sent back - AND in turn .... sent out to another Crib Colorist happened. We received a very angry phone call from the person who received the returned hair color. The returnee had taken the new tube of color out of box (BEFORE they changed packaging to new design 10 years ago!) and put the old tube in new box and returned it to us - which she had purchased on Amazon.  It took us 10 days to solve the dilemma, we were completely stumped - because we purchase directly FROM  WELLA headquarters (20 minutes from us).
The same pertains to BOOST, BURST, & BLAST.
Again, we tried this as well, then someone used 1/2 the bottle - filled it with water and sent it back.
It is sad when so little....... ruin it for so many, but that is how the world rolls I guess.


DELIVERY :          PRIORITY MAIL + 1st Class Mail by USPS

Your order will be dispatched direct from our warehouse in Los Angeles. Most parcels will be delivered within 3-10 business days, but please allow up to 14 business days for back-orders we don't receive from suppliers. We try our hardest and receive constant deliveries direct from suppliers, since the age of the INTERNET, there is so damn much counterfeit hair color on the market - I now will only purchase directly from the manu- facturers - for example: with Guy Tang - I purchase directly from the manufacturer / chemists who have developed it. Believe me when it comes to your hair, a little time is nothing, compared to using all of the bad hair color out there.

Selling out of certain popular colors in the hair color world is super common. As a Trained colorist I know how to mix other colors to make the one that is missing....... 80% of the time........but there is that 20%. Ask any Colorist. We have always had to wait until they 'catch-up' - which usually does not take long- if you stay with your original order you will be the first in line and the first to get that color.. this is ONLY if your order happens to be one of those rare ones, we will email you and ask if you want KC to choose an excellent substitution or if you want a refund/credit if the delay is too long. Please note that orders for several items might be delivered in more than 1 parcel (this does not affect the shipping charge which is fixed at $8.99 for priority mail.. . . regardless of the number of parcels).

The shipping charge is non-refundable.

Thank you for choosing Killerstrands Hair Clinic