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You wonder why celebrities & just a few ... select ... people have fantastic rich colorful, shiny hair ?

Why can't you?

I want to introduce you to the concept I finally determined was the difference between most people's color and then a few select and that difference is summed up in 1 word ..... Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y. Quality of the ingredients that go into the color and then the resulting quality of hair color. A long time ago I will never forget my father's answer to the question I asked him about how to tell if a wine was good or not....he laughed and answered with: like most things in life, the more expensive......... the better.  Over the years it is a statement I have thought of zillions of times. I would say it is about 70% correct !

Or in other words the "Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y" of the hair color that is being used. I'm telling you it matters. When I began this adventure and tried to figure the science of things out for myself ( you simply cannot trust companies Cosmetic Chemists who have their job for one  "SELL THEIR PRODUCT LINE OF HAIR COLOR" . .. .or they lose their job. How in the Hell can they be objective?.....They simply cannot.

Therefore I had to do the investigative work myself in order for it to be honest. Again, the only way this can be  truly investigative is by someone who only wants the proper answer  - -  no matter which line produces the best and shiniest results.

When I began ........I started by testing hair formula's using Sally's hair color line, the 'ION Series'. I Didn't know .... I  worried about risking my Cosmetology License + my Certified Licenses, so I tested the line's of hair color that was OK to sell to the public.

That was when I realized I was going to have to come up with a fake NAME for my business so that I would not risk my licenses, YET, I would find and use the "prime lines of hair color that I already knew would turn out the proper hair color

Killerstrands stocks genuine merchandise that is purchased directly from the companies printed on the box/ & bottles (unlike many others).  We provide the education you need to learn everything about hair and hair color along with a range of our own products which are our best sellers. Killerstrands Hair Clinic is the oldest online retailer of professional hair products.
Established in 2005, Killerstrands now offers over 1,000 hair products and over 2 dozen unique custom products, unavailable any other place !  Based in southern California, we are located in the hub of fashion, hair styles and hair design.
We are a well-established (11 year) group of 2 websites dedicated to the HOME HAIR COLORIST we like to call : Crib Colorists - you deserve a great title if you can master this complex world, which most do, very-VERY well.

 Welcome to the Killer Strands E-Commerce Store. I hope that your visit to the store will mark the beginning of a new healthy hair regimen as well as an exciting home hair color experience for you.  In conjunction the Blog (, this store will give you all the information and products you need to achieve the hair color of your dreams as well as the healthiest hair you have ever seen, all from the comfort of home.

Killer Strands’ main goal is to teach everyone to have healthy, strong hair. Our philosophy is that hair health comes first, and that every product that touches your hair should contribute in some way to its health.
Throughout my years at the salon in Malibu, I also started to hear complaints about thinning and hair loss from younger and younger women, which sparked my interest in hair health. I was lucky to have a steady stream of clients willing to test my theories on the effects of diet, heat styling, exercise, water and hair care products on hair loss and health. Through much trial and error with thousands of clients, I invented a hair health regimen called “10,000 Heads,” a 14-step hair strengthening system that has about a 80-85% success rate, which is pretty damn good !
Unfortunately, I was forced to retire from salon work due to a rare bone cancer. During my treatments and down time I took up cosmetic chemistry, to learn how hair products were actually made. I realized that we have specialists that understand hair styling and hair color (cosmetologists), hair product invention (cosmetic chemists), and hair health/hair loss (dermatologists). However, each of them thinks the other two are useless, but without regard for all three issues, optimal hair health cannot be achieved. I am well studied in all three fields now, and for the first time in my career, I feel there is no question

about hair that I cannot answer.

My retirement also led me to begin the Killer Strands Blog. I am at a place in my life where I have a strong desire to “give back,” and with no other hair professionals (at this level) sharing their knowledge and technique on a free website, the Blog felt like the perfect venue. The Blog now has over 650 posts, with information ranging from the disease of Trichotillomania (hair-pulling) to bleaching hair brass-free (a photo demo) to the proper diet for strong hair and every single thing in between. There are also multiple posts about my 10,000 Heads regimen and Thriven, an essential part of the 10,000 Heads regimen and Killer Strands’ star product. Thriven is a deep conditioner that repairs seemingly unfixable, damaged and thinning hair from the outside while a Secret Supplement (also part of 10,000 Heads) works from the inside of the hair strand. The results are nothing short of phenomenal. I never expected such warm and inspiring feedback, and through the blog I’ve made some great friends that blow me away, daily. I encourage everyone to purchase the Threesome kit ... THRIVE'N + INTENSIVE+ GLEAM our 3 conditioners that actually repair the hair.. . . ( I get letters that say things like   " these have changed my life!).


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