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Mission & History of Killerstrands Hair Clinic

Killer Strands, 2 websites & a FACEBOOK Group dedicated to the art of luxury home hair coloring  & hair health techniques, was founded by KC (a.k.a. “Killer Chemist”) Ellis, a Sassoon-trained hairstylist and color correction specialist.

Killer Strands began with the Blog on topics related to home hair color and hair health, and its popularity and success prompted both the creation of the Store & Group, a forum for online discussions relating to home hair color, where KC gives help to members with more difficult problems.

Then, due to demand for high-quality, professional hair color, KC established the Killer Strands Store, a shop for Killer Strands-approved professional hair color and other hair care products. In the store KC analyzes every single product and its ingredients' lists sticking to our:  NO Sulfates of any kind in shampoos ( she feels they cause hair loss in women of all ages) She analyzes for the bad alcohols ( there are wonderful alcohols and there are terrible ones.. All goes into her research before carrying a product, here at Killerstrands! She wants you to have the confidence to shop and not have to worry about any of that..... with 2 years of Cosmetic Chemistry training, on top of 2 years at Vidal Sassoon Academy, her Cosmetology License, and her Salon License ... she hopes to put your mind at rest on her research of the products she carries!

Our Business

The Killer Strands Store is an online retailer, although not a brand new business. Killer Strands has been supplying home hair colorists (a.k.a. “Crib Colorists”) with professional products since its inception, in an “underground” fashion. Business has increased to the point where that is no longer practical, so to better serve our customers, we have created an online store. Our products are personally packaged by the KC Staff of assistants, and shipped from Camarillo, California, next to Malibu in the suburb of Los Angeles.

When KC sat down one day and realized that professional hair color was not sold to the public . . YET... @ Sally's Beauty Supplies, and all Beauty Supplies across the country, they sell the EXACT SAME THING, only a far lesser quality product....she really didn't understand the separation. There is only 1 chemical process for coloring hair, there is no hair color process for the public and then another..."special"- -"exclusive"- -" tricky"- - hair color process - - - for hair stylists. That just does NOT EXIST.

Its one in the same

So with knowing that, then realizing that the only difference was the "quality" of products that each gets to use, seems very close to being FOR SURE is false advertising! These companies don't sell high quality hair color to everyone? When everyone is using the exact same process for coloring their hair?...Did NOT SEEM FAIR IN THE LEAST TO KC. That is when the store opened and her education continued.

What We Sell

Killer Strands is the one and only online store that sells EXCLUSIVELY Sulfate-Free Shampoos. KC firmly believes that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate(SLES), etc.. are one of the main causes of the huge increase in Female Hair Thinning & loss that she experiences in the over 10,000 Heads of Hair that she has worked on.
Killer Strands is committed to selling only the highest quality professional hair color and hair care products, from lines that have been thoroughly tested by KC herself on all the heads she has worked on. Killer Strands also carries its own specialized hair care products, created by KC. All professional hair color is not created equal, and Killer Strands offers only the best of the best, thereby eliminating guesswork for the customer – when you order a product from Killer Strands, you can be confident that you are getting the absolute best money can buy.

 Need help with what to order? Text your question to KC @ our business

# 805.910.8274

Privacy Policy

Killerstrands Hair Clinic is committed to protecting your privacy. We will not sell or disclose any information that identifies you to a third party without your prior approval. We only use the information we collect to periodically notify you about new services or special offers we think you'll find valuable IF you choose to have the marketing services...I think you all will love the Newsletters - that is almost always the only way in which we announce sales or discounts.. we enclose a "Unsubscribe button" at every mailing so you may bow out whenever you please. That is what I would want, so that is what I offer you!


KC – Founder and CEO

KC attended the Vidal Sassoon Salons & Academies and completed a one-year apprenticeship under Lucie Doughty at the Sassoon Academy. She began her career in a salon in Malibu, and had a full-time roster of clients within nine months. While working in Malibu, she began fielding complaints about thinning and hair loss from young women, which led her to invent a hair health regimen called “10,000 Heads,” a list of dos and dont's for optimal hair health. The 14 Steps of 10,000HEADS is the backbone of KillerStrands and is the reason for all our success. If you practice those 14 steps, use THRIVEN, GLEAM, and professional Hair Color. Your Hair's HEALTH, will do a complete 180 degree turn-a-round. The success rate is close to 90% - - that is a very high number....but one we are all very confidant of.

KC was forced to retire from salon work due to BOTH a rare bone + Lung disease, at which time she founded the Killer Strands Blog.

She also took up cosmetic chemistry in order to learn to make her own products and better help her clients with their hair color and hair health needs. She currently writes the Killer Strands Blog, oversees the Killer Strands Group and runs the Killer Strands Store in addition to serving private clients and making salon-quality hair care products.

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