Strand Test Directions - a must before every color

When using new hair color, KC and the entire Killer Strands staff suggest that you take the time to run a Strand Test. New colors are always a mystery, and it’s much better to have one small section of your hair come out badly than your whole head! One of the most wonderful advantages of purchasing your color with us  - - is you get a complimentary Strand Test Kit with the 3rd choice in each color....If your order is over $75.00 in other items and you would like a Strand Test please request it in the NOTES section at Check-out.

Included with each Strand Test Kit :

> 1 pr. gloves 

> disposable measure cup

> plastic treatment cap (keeps heat in so color processes a bit faster - - for all blonde's a must!)

> 3 foils

A Strand Test involves mixing a small portion of your Hair Color and developer (use a teaspoon for a measurement) and apply it to a one-inch section of hair. Cover the strand with foil to keep the color from running and process it for minimum 50 min.. Rinse. Dry. Assess. This can save you tremendous head & heart ache.

PLEASE, take the extra hour to complete this step, you will be very happy you did, and…so will we  ;-)

If you have any questions, please ask for help in our Yahoo Group. If you are not a member, please google:  Killerstrands Yahoo Group

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