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Killerstrands Hair Clinic  (since 2007)

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You may email and ask KC (owner & writer) questions, if you want proper legit answers to complicated questions she has developed a list of 18 questions (Killer 18 Questions - - u can "GOOGLE it !) to get you both on the "same page", so mistakes will NOT continue. She has been giving Consultations on the Web for over 10 years now. (learning how to do it, without having the hair strands in her hands was a challenge at first - but after the first year she can whiz through them now. Every so often she will open up the Consultations again, if you are interested please email so she will hear from if if that is what you would like to see.  please have your answers to the Killer 18 questions (on Blog) ready for her - many times that is all she needs to set you on the proper path.