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This category has become HUGE for us...., not sure why.... except for all the Sulfates in Shampoos out there and the non-education about the subject that is NOT there as to how harmful they are for the hair / scalp & skin.

It's weird I get a lot of flack from "true chemists", calling me a phony one. You should see how they test their hair products.......on strands of hair in lab coats in white rooms. NOT PEOPLE....the ideas and items I have come up with ( including the Secret Supplement btw) came from over 15,000 heads of hair sitting in my chair, and their honest responses. That is a better scientific experiment than anything you can perform on some dumb mouse or hair strands with all of your chemicals. You must be able to listen to others and consider their ideas, they may just be something valid. I tested the theory of the Secret Supplement on hundreds of my daughters friends and mothers, before I ever introduced it to the public. 

The results are amazing and run between 84-86% very happy they tried it and almost every single person who began all those year ago with me, remains on it.

I did receive the tip from 6 members of the US Olympic Team Athletes. I'm pretty sure they have very qualified chemists working with them!

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