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New guy tang colors are in

includes his permanent, demi, in pastels & metallic and his direct dye ( which will not shampoo-out like Burst & Blast - fyi). 

Size: 2oz | 58g     Description: 

  • Dark Shadows  ONLINE EXCLUSIVE

Dark Shadows: YAAASSSS #Hairbesties! Dark Shadows is finally here!!

Dark Shadows for impact color effects & shadow rootagé formulating! Use to smoke out any of the permanent color series and add depth. Dark Shadows has a base sitting at level 5 with a deep charcoal smoke cast allowing it to perform unlike anything else. This shade is formulated with the lowest ammonia possible, making it the best choice for a shadow rootagé.

Allow color to process for the full time when mixing with any permanent color shade so the dyes have time to fully develop.

Instructions for Use: 

  1. Direct Application: apply required amount of Dark Shadows directly onto dry hair. Remember these can be mixed with Permanent or Demi-Permanent Developer (6-20V) to reach your desired consistency. Process for 20 minutes. Rinse & condition with your favorite care products.
  2. To enhance any #mydentity Permanent shade – add Dark Shadows into formulation; no extra Developer needed. Process according to your Permanent formulation.

I will run tests on the colors I feel most of you are interested in, I have tested the Demi-Permanent Silver Smoke + 10 volume - processed for 50 minutes on Level 12 and Level 9 Blonde ( must be applied to LIGHT LIGHT Blonde hair for the best effect). The Silver is actually a nice true SILVER. Its dark but you want these colors to begin dark so they last - never shampoo the first day ( do this with all hair color to get the best life out of the application! .......always wait minimum 48 hours before shampooing AFTER a hair color Re-Touch !

We will continue to send 1 pair of surgical gloves + 2 - 1oz. measure cups w/ all hair color orders. This year you may ALSO request a 1/2 oz. free sample of barrier cream with your hair color order. Barrier Cream is what Hair Colorists apply around your entire hair line to keep color from staining skin as color processes. Apply around hair line, not touching hair.... in a circular motion to give it a "natural" look. You must REQUEST the Barrier cream ( in the "NOTES" section). Normally the only people who require it are: Level 8  & darker, but there are no restrictions, just ask !

I tested the Silvers and Violets.... I love 8SM, it comes out very very silver and metallic-like. . But if you have lightened hair I suggest using 8SM with 13Volume for the best Silver Metallic you will ever see! There are some strand tests on the Blog just put that name in the Search Bar for the Post.

I do love these new colors, no one likes glitter and shine and all "that" more than me.... I grew up in the 70's and that shit just never leaves you....its in my DNA, I swear. I do not tell you what you want to hear, I tell you the truth, as hard as it is for me to do many I said, the thought of "metallic Hair" just Rev's my juices and I just crack a gigantic smile....

So, I tested 3 of these.....and that is not something I take lightly either as when I test these colors I use a TEENY TINY bit of color and the entire rest of the tube goes to waste, it truly is a shame.....but it just has to be done. These companies just will not be honest, and if I have to be the only one out here testing these products, and giving you the honest feedback, well then that is what I will do. So my ending results were:

I LOVE the Demi-Permanent Metallic line for toning Blonde hair, and of course on platinum is best. The 8SM and the 7SM are great for the Root area and the 10SM for the lengths. But what I don't want you to think is that these beautiful metallic's will last 6 weeks - because they won't. They look fantastic for a shorter period of time than your normal Permanent or Demi-Permanent line will. That is just what happens when they come up with a "new" pigment that they have not worked on for "longevity" - to date. I'm sure that will come and with some of you it will last longer than on others - so it is very hard to say the exact Length of brightness.

Here is a PLAN B that is as GOOD or better than KENRA, it lasts a lot longer, especially if used with Boost & Burst... ! ! !


Use Color Touch in 7/89 - it is Silver Pearl Ash, it has little metallic flecks in it  for 3 different lightness' of Silver......... I have done a DEMO with 7/89 + 2/0 - this equals adding Black and white which equals = SILVER ! ! .

These were my 3 formula's with photos coming:

  1. 7/89 (10 grams) + 13Volume ....................for the lightest Silver
  2. 7/89 (10 Grams) + 2/0(1/2 Gram) + 6 Volume.............for Medium silver
  3. 7/.89 (10 Grams) + 2/0(1Gram) + 6Volume...............for Dark Silver (you most likely will want to start with a lot more than19 Grams so alter accordingly - then if you want the complete Metallic look - spray lightly with Silver metallic spray (u can spay in bowl and use paint brush to paint on)

SILVER hair has become bigger and bigger, and when I was doing hair a 'few years back' . . . . I used to collect silver hair color in any and all brands that I could find...I used to pride myself on how many different Silvers I carried and had the option to use. I turned out the hottest Silver hair in L.A.! Guess what I am on the trail again as I see my beloved Silver hair is still popular and still on the rise .....which thrills me to offer the great choices that I have now and will continue to acquire...... from every brand......... I can find !

Be sure to pay attention to the weight + what level each of them are - I have added the 3 developers (6V.+ 10V.,+13V.) I find work the best for Toners/ Demi-Permanents and 20 Volume for those that  are Permanent.

Silver is one of the colors I feel should have been in the normal color chart of every line a long time ago.. Once you have seen it on hair everyone falls in love with it. They can be used as Toners or as color....they come in Demi-Permanent and semi-permanent...and the way to really keep them refreshed is by using Silver BURST, or if you can swing it both BOOST & BURST!

With Toners and/or Demi-Permanent Colors you need developer and I have 4 I choose from:

  • 5 Volume
  • 6 Volume,
  • 10 Volume &
  • 13 Volume


  • 7SM - this is a Level SEVEN Silver Metallic
  • 8SM - A Level 8 Silver Metallic....there is a post with some Strand Tests to help you with for the results you are looking for...
  • 10SM - Then the lightest of them all a Level 10 Silver metallic
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