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Toners - Demi & Semi-Permanent Hair Color

One of the most popular requests in the hair color world are Toners! Why? Most people are trying to cover up a bad Lightening job. Remember, we have a 10 year long Blog that teaches you why you are in that situation. I Promise you shouldn't be ! So head over to Killerstrands Blog and just put the category you are looking for into the Search Bar, I promise you will be enlightened beyond anything you ever knew about hair color.

Learn ''WHY", then learn how you can fix it all by yourself, or even do it yourself next time.

But we do have every Great toner in the world here. Just send a Text to 805.910.8274 if puzzled as to what to choose. . . . or how to combat a color But you must send the answers to 4 questions w/ Text :

  • Level of Color you are _________?
  • Level of Color - Virgin hair color is _________?
  • Level of Color you Desire to Be ___________?
  • Color You Are Trying to Tone Down?________?


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