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My choices for the products I use in each of the categories will be found here. 
There are distinct differences in each 3 categories

~~ THERMAL PROTECTORS are extremely important to protect your hair from the heat both of tools and the sun…ingredients should be: silicone’s of one type or another. The ingredients will be trimethicone, dimethicone, etc..along that line. these are usually applied on damp hair just prior to beginning your blow dry.  If you insist on using a flat iron be sure it is a very short time and is on hair coated with

This I refer to as the SHINE category, mainly to use as Shine when blow dry(or whatever styling method) is complete. Its tough for me to recommend products for the Flat Iron, because I feel they have done so much damage to hair across the country – they should almost be banned. Someone will sue if they have not already over FIA (Flat-Iron Addiction).

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