Special Subscriptions to Products by Killerstrands

CRIB COLORIST MILITIA BEGINS HERE with our Subscription Service for our products...why do this?

It will save you money - silly - why else? ! ! ! 

Killerstrands is trying to become a self sufficient Store / Blog & Group, that is supported exclusively by people who want to be here, rather than people who are tricked into being here!  Remember how that used to be the case in the world prior to the WEB and Silicon Valley coming up with 200 NEW APPS every single day all aimed at tricking you into buying something that you never wanted to begin with. 

 We don't want to do that anymore and I don't know if just "i" decide to do this and if it will work or not.....little old 'me' fighting the WORLD WIDE WEB sounds like I am being pretty naive - doesn't it? ........We don't want to need to drive you crazy with the advertising called Re-targeting ...... you know when you shop at Store 'A' and then leave and about 15 minutes later when you are looking at STORE C, all of a sudden advertisements pop-up in front of you for those products you thought about purchasing but changed your mind about, 2 hours ago.

I truly dislike those tactics and I would like to have the people on Killerstrands be the ones that TRULY WANT TO BE  there  ! ! !  So please please please word-of-mouth is how we want to begin surviving and that means we would love it if you could help us try to headed down this row. I don't know if it is possible, but I want to try to give it a try.

So,  PLEASE that is your most important mission every week. You may request a few of our business cards even with your next order .... just ak in the 'notes' section !

Joico INTENSIFY - Direct dye Bright Colors - Semi-permanent - Killerstrands Hair Clinic - 1
' Direct Dye Or Semi Permanent Crazy Colors ' - Various Brands! Bright Colors from $9.10
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