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You can purchase these shampoos with complete confidence, Killerstrands was the industry leader in bringing the term "sulfate-free" to the public and bringing awareness to its hair thinning backfires. I felt after working on 15,000 heads of hair that the ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfates or SLS, Sodium Laureth Sulfate – SLESALS, and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfates  were the common denominator & problem of the increase in hair thinning and loss in many women. From that day forward - I never backed another type of shampoo.

All the ingredients in all shampoos have been reviewed, they are all sulfate-free and have excellent ingredients lists rest easy and shop away, your hair will flourish.

Remember we are not fanatics here at Killerstrands. Just people, trying to have the healthiest head of hair we possibly can. STEP 1 of 14 of the 10,000HEADS Hair Strengthen System: Sulfate-Free Shampoo only.

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