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Lighteners & Bleach

I'm not sure where the term "bleach' came from - - but it needs to go back where it came from ! The word "BLEACH" might as well be fingernails scraping down a chalk board to women (men don't know the difference). We relate that word to that hideous smelling product we put in the washing machine and think that is what we are referring to in a Salon setting when NOTHING could be further from the truth. You know why I try very hard to explain this to you in as many ways as possible? Because for the first 40 years of my life I thought the same thing as you do. I used to go to my fancy Salon and tell them I want it this light but don't use bleach. 

I want you to learn and understand how I did so you can see this product does not have to be bad - in fact it is the most useful tool in a Colorists arsenal - I would bet if you asked every top Colorist, which 1 Hair Coloring tool they would keep if they could only keep 1 - they will all say Bleach. Its truly a miraculous product: USED-THE-RIGHT-WAY! !

There is Powdered, Cream and Oil lighteners, with the last 2 being the most healthy for your hair. There are so many lipids in our oil lightening Kit that even people with the most fragile and weak scalps can use it without any problem ( doesn't mean you can skip the patch/strand test prior to full application !)

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