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Many years ago KC was completely frustrated in the fact that she could never find a conditioner that actually worked. They say they'll work - they spout all this BS language that makes you think you better try this one or that brand. Finally after spending from $5.00 to $500.00 ( yes there is a $500.00 hair conditioner) and never being even closely satisfied and being diagnosed, she decided to study Cosmetic chemistry on the web to keep her mind busy. So she could possibly figure out HOW & why these products work --- and then maybe figure out WHY they don't work. Hell, our scientists can fly to the Moon and back, but they can't even condition & de-tangle our hair,  she just did not get it !

 So what began as a one month project - - turned into 2 years of deep intense study and camaraderie with a small unique set of people in the early days of the Internet and a fantastic Chemist, who actually developed what we all know as MASCARA for MAX FACTOR many years prior ! !  He was open and willing to teach us all anything and everything he knew, which was one of my earliest mentors & models for how I was going to run my Blog.  In the Hair Industry you are taught to keep your knowledge and tricks in hair color formulating -- TO - . . . .  YOUR  - SELF !!!! That was your bread & Butter and you should NOT give it away ! ! ! 

 But, the more she watched Maurice teach and educate this small group of dedicated people through his BLOG.......the more she learned there really was more fun and more knowledge learned when everyone OPENED UP - SHARED WHAT THEY KNEW. . . or didn't know (tricks + education AND ALL!  !) and talked to each other. That was when she decided to & to just "GIVE BACK TO EVERYONE SHE NEVER KNEW AND NEVER WOULD KNOW -- Just for the HELL OF IT. 

 NO, its not solving Cancer

but its what SHE KNEW and it whats a lot of people on earth struggle with and are very consumed with.................SOOOOOOOOO  -  she could Teach. .....and plenty of people needed the Education.  That is how her pride and joy conditioners:

    • THRIVEN - DEEP Overnight Conditioner - Sleep in it  !

  • INTENSIVE - pH & porosity equalizers - soothes scalp an all around miracle

  • GLEAM - A bottle full of the richest most vitamin-mineral& amino acid packed bottle of OILS that exists on planet earth.Price any product with the same ingredients....???? Its well over $200.00 for an even smaller bottle than her 2 ounce !

  • THRIVEN-Lite - Truly a secret weapon, works excellent as a daily conditioner, solves frizz, hair loss (read the reviews)+ pH neutralizer - truly an ALL-IN-ONE-MAGICAL SOLUTION to Jacked-up hair!




Use Thriven :

after hair coloring - color at end of day apply and sleep, 

for scalp issues (overnight application really helps scalp as well) !

after lightening/bleaching FOR SURE!

after Vanishing

THRIVE’N is Killerstrands’ own intensive - DEEP hair conditioner - can be worn overnight for extreme repair to the hair, use the terry cloth cap we have brought in. Information on the Secret Supplement (SS) and where to purchase it is included with every purchase. We do not speak about it all, anywhere on this site nor in the group to keep it what the name replies : a SECRET SUPPLEMENT !. This remarkable overnight deep conditioner that works in tandem & in conjunction with the Secret Supplement has truly created more miracles in women's hair for hair thinning, loss and damage than I have encountered in the upper echelons of hair care, in the past 20 years. The Secret Supplement is something not one person in 8 years has ever guessed, and it is imperative to use for the 'magic' to happen . It is sold anywhere their are hospitals as it is a medicinal supplement that friends of the family ( all professional athletes) who are Olympic athletes friends  - use to battle jet lag. 

Be sure to get yourself a terry-cloth lines shower/sleeping Cap - makes 'overnight' treatments a breeze.

Thriven was developed to help with female hair loss and thinning issues, whether the result of chemical over-processing , physical trauma, poor health, sulfate shampoos, age or hormones, over-use of heated tools especially Flat Ironsw

10,000 Heads is the 14-Step Protocol that was developed and tested over the course of 12 years and 10,000 heads of hair that KC worked on.

The success rate of 10,000 Heads is a whopping 86-89% of all users! These are quoted as being happy or thrilled with their hair transformation following the 90-day Trial period.

Apply Thriven (at least) 1-2 times a week using the “slumber” method. Many do it on a Saturday or Sunday as well I’ve been hearing.
In early evening: shampoo hair. Towel Dry, then apply Thriven. Shoot with hair dryer periodically in the evening if it bothers you to sleep with a wet head. The heat from dryer increases how much THRIVEN penetrates the hair strand. Sleep with product in your hair, in morning rinse out 2-3 minutes longer than normal, finish off with a cool rinse.
Style and Smile!

These 2 components are mandatory for the 10,000HEADS System to work its true miracles. If you do not follow BOTH parts of this step you will not have the “magic” I speak about....

Of course the conditioner works complete miracles, but if you use both you will be writing me an email . . .  I never hear enough of those !


pH and porosity neutralizer - Smooths and detangles just about any kind of hair that is damaged, overworked, over-processed and tangles like no other - this product is guaranteed to soothes what ails your hair. Alternates WITHIN our Top 5 BEST Sellers for many years!


This is a different version of our favorite conditioner THRIVEN, it is a lighter consistency and works wonderfully for a daily conditioner. I tried it on a couple suggestions from customers and it has flown off the shelves ever since!

This is our number 1 SECRET WEAPON for jacked up damaged hair


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