Clairol Beautiful Collection - Semi Permanent Hair Color

Moisturizing Semi-Permanent Hair Color

If you want the EXTRA GRAY COVERAGE, then you must choose the last 5 Colors . . .!!

If your hair is damaged,trashed, over-processed and barely hanging on your head… THIS IS YOUR COLOR. Why? It coats the hair from the outside – - moisturizes, conditions and supplies shine missing in the manner that works the absolute best – - from the outside – in.
Clairol’s BEAUTIFUL Collection is a true semi-permanent hair color.

This color is also wonderful for ethnic hair both for Hispanic and African-American and any combination in between . . . trying to get "in-between" color.. . .or even full time color. . . . This is the one and only color that does NOT change you natural/virgin hair color  at all  - -  thus does not leave a growth line. 

It honestly and truly shampoos out. How about that!

What is a true semi-permanent hair color?

A long-lasting semi-permanent color contains no ammonia and deposits only, meaning it does not lift any of your natural color ‘out’ it simply coats your existing hair with this new shade. For a TRUE semi Permanent, it should NOT have a developer mixed with it. I mean the explanation is in the “title” ! It is not permanent, once developer is used the change will be permanent – to a point. Therefore any semi-permanent you use, should not have developer – all pretty simple don’t you think? Well, its a pretty sore subject to me as you can tell. Walking through one of those boxed color aisles and reading the box labels truly make me sick to my stomach. Now, just because the developer isn’t used … which may seem odd, does not mean there isn’t a few wonderful situations to use this for. There is a time and place for this type of color and I hope it never goes away. Wait till you see what it does for your hair – the Beautiful Line and Color Touch are many Top Colorists weapons-of-choice for producing SHINE in hair for photo shoots. Nothing beats them.

So Semi-Permanents are a color I hope never goes away, its just soooooo weird that the only company that makes it is Clairol, I have heard rustlings of a new color by WELLA that will be a true Semi-Permanent. Its alive and well in Europe.

Right now Clairol’s Semi-Perm is the best(and the ONLY - - - and one of the few left) that still makes this type of Semi-Permanent. Clairol's Beautiful hair color collection I call it the “Beautiful” series which stands ONLY for their Semi-permanent color:

  • 15 intermixable Moisturizing Color shades.
  • Revitalize hair with a rich, indulgent color boost. Blend gray.
  • Leaves hair feeling moisturized with up to 45% more shine*.
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E.
  • A true and authentic Semi Permanent Color, meaning there is NO developer to use. The color comes straight from bottle and is applied straight to hair – now that is the definition of a true Semi Permanent Hair color.

Plus they have recently added what they call their: Advanced Gray Solution

  • 5 new inter-mixable Advanced Gray Solution shades.
  • Covers more gray for up to twice as long*
  • Penetrating, saturating color that leaves hair feeling moisturized and full of shine

Here is a list of the new selection of colors :

#01N Champagne Blonde
#08D Light Ash Brown
#09W Light Reddish Brown
#11W Honey Brown
#12D Medium Ash Brown
#13W Medium Warm Brown
#14W Cedar Red Brown
#15W Dark Warm Brown
#175W Wine Brown
#17W Rosewood Brown
#18D Darkest Brown
#20D Black
#22D Jet Black
#30W 14K Gold
#40W Amethyst

#4RV Mahogany Red Brown
#2A Rich Dark Brown
#2RV Burgundy Brown
#6G Light Golden Chestnut




With every Semi-Permanent Color order it will automatically include a pair of gloves,

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