About Us & the Killerstrands Mission


Something wonderful is about to happen to your hair. . . 

Welcome, my name is Dakota - although  ( I'm referred to as "KC" for Killer Chemist, readers have named me). I'm not a chemist 'per se'......... nor a writer BUT....The only way I could get through the writing of the Blog (which is where this store stems from) - without total frustration every day was to simply 'write' as if I was speaking to you.... I hope that works for you ! So watch out for grammar and punctuation mix-ups - - galore! !  I studied Cosmetic Chemistry for 2 years after my California Cosmetologist/Colorist/Color Correction Specialist education. I attended the "Harvard of Hair Schools" - the Vidal Sassoon Academy (2nd career). I have colored over 10,000 heads of hair and was lucky enough to study under some of the best in the world.

18 years ago I began my 2nd career in a Salon in Malibu, California....which progressed wonderfully until I began having problems with my right knee, I was a ski racer, so we thought it was related to that, after many years of misdiagnosis & botched surgeries, they ended up discovering it was a rare form of cancer, Synovial Sarcoma.  My right knee joint would bleed endlessly, swell and make it impossible to do hair. To put it into English it is basically "joint" cancer. Tumors form in the lining of any of the joints in the body . Mine happened to begin in my right knee, it has now progressed to my left knee & left hip.
 I had numerous surgeries, and radiation, but every time they would remove the tumors, at the end of a year they would be back. Between the pain, bleeding and swelling you cannot believe how uncomfortable and miserable the whole illness happens to be. After battling trying to get rid of the disease and the amount of surgeries I had to have there just was no way I could go back to work again....I tried twice and both times - it sent me back to the hospital.

Then something wonderful on one hand and horrible on the other hand, happened..........Lady Gaga announced she was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma in her hip.... she canceled her tour and stole my Oncologist surgeon in one huge swoop. The disease in the last 2 years has a lot more research being pointed towards it now that she was diagnosed and they are discovering the cancer is much more common than they thought. Most times it is not seen by any scan, a biopsy must be taken and special labs must be used. The whole time all I wished for was breast cancer or any form but this one - there was absolutely no one working on a solution for it..

This was completely devastating to me, the last hair I did made the front page of the Los Angeles Times which was for a rock star's wife for the Grammy's. Right when my career was shooting towards the sky, it came crashing to an end. The timing just was so sad to me, I had spent so much time in education, training and marketing with a vision for a long successful career, which all came to an end so sadly.

 Now here I was ........at home.... with a year of doing nothing but listening to bad news from the world of medicine, which was about the time the Internet began to grow. Many probably don't remember those days. But just 8 years ago - there were NO Blogs, hardly any eCommerce stores and most large corporations did not believe the Internet would make it.

I don't know about others, but I began to take inventory of my life and what I had done with it. I had raised 2 beautiful successful daughters but they were grown and gone. In reviewing my entire life and what I had done and what I had not done, I decided it was time to leave some sort of a legacy. I wanted to "give back "...........do something for nothing....... for no reason, I truly thought I would only be around for a couple years after they told me they were having a lot of fatalities .....so to just "give back" to people I didn't know, for absolutely no reason at all was the goal.

That was my one and only goal when this Blog was first started..........

Every month I was feeling a little weaker and would develop more & more problems - they didn't know much about my illness at that time, but I knew my body well and it was a very gradual downhill road, currently it is very difficult to do much at all.

 So between the 2 jobs the only thing I could think of doing is to "give back".......... to go against all my fellow hair stylists & begin opening up and teaching the women of America how to color and care for their hair in the "professional" manner. Something that was "kept from" the public. It started to hit me as to "why" that was, the way it was?? I don't know why it never occurred to me before....but it hadn't. I wasn't a writer and the information was nowhere in any book or video, the education I wanted to teach was exclusive because of my unique training and experience.

As I began writing the Blog, (which you can still read from the beginning) people from all over the USA began writing me personally and asking me if I would help them. Their hair was destroyed, colored awfully, how could they remove their old miserable color, start over with their color?  They had no competent Hair Salon in their small rural remote town, and on and on. I literally began writing one persons order down in a small notebook ( which I still have !) ....figuring out what they need and sending it to them 1 person at a time. I had been ill for a long time and all my funds were gobbled up very quickly.  This entire business began from not 1 dime of Capital and not 1 dime of savings......it was my hard work back when I wasn't nearly as bad as  am now of driving to pick up the products  - -  1 order at a time !

I'm quite proud of that beginning.

I would help a few and they would send their friends and the whole BLOG began to snowball....never in a million years did I plan on having a store, a group( the group is closed we do QUICK QONSULTS NOW -- IN the Store - check them out! and I have a 9 year old Blog !  I thought I would be done in a year and that would be my legacy - period......that I had written a Blog and taught America how to care for their hair in a professional manner most especially for all the people that lived in all the small towns across America that I honestly didn't realize existed prior to beginning to write this Blog!

I have 78 Topic TITLES, right now waiting for me to write on them on subjects people have asked about that I have not written about ! 78 ! and that is without even thinking about Topics I have missed ! !  Therefore I suppose this education to all of you will be endless. . .  which is just fine with me......I'm happy to keep you informed


October 4, 2015